5 Mistakes when choosing a rug and how to fix them

Mistake #1

Image result for rugsChoosing The Wrong Size.

Choosing a rug which is too small will make your whole room look smaller. The rug creates boundaries and pulls all your furniture together. The whole point is to create a balanced and complete room. Danielle Oakey is an interior designer. She explains that the carpet “defines the conversation area” of a living room. She advises that the rug needs to be big enough to land each piece of furniture on it.

Another important aspect is the actual use of a rug. A small rug is useless in a bedroom for example. The purpose of a good carpet is to have a feeling of warmth and comfort. Amber Lewis, another great interior designer, points this out. A good rule is to have two feet of carpet extending “beyond the bed on each side.” This allo ws you to feel the rug under your feet as you get out of bed.

Mistake #2

Leaving wall-to-wall carpeting bare.

Area rugs can be used as small paths and to add boundaries. Leaving wall-to-wall carpeting bare gives the same visual impression as leaving hardwood floors bare. An area rug over the flooring always adds interest and depth to the room. Oakey says that “It adds playfulness” as well as completing the design of the room.

Mistake #3

Choosing a rug once the room is complete.

You should always choose the rug first when decorating a room from scratch. It makes your job simpler. You can select the right number of elements within the boundary set by the rug. You can choose the right size and color as well. Finding the perfect rug after choosing the furniture could take months. Lewis says that the best order of designing a room is to choose the rug first. Then the throw pillows, the curtains, an area rug, and finally the furniture.

Mistake #4

Making everything match.

Having the same color on the walls, furniture, and rug makes the room “look flat and bland,” according to Oakey. By trying to make everything match through the use of one color, the room will lose any character. Without a pattern, it lacks interest. Contrast (read: a cute print) is vital to balance the room and create harmony in the room. By choosing a rug with a pattern, for example, you can add different elements to the room. It gives you the opportunity to incorporate different colors without having them clash.

Mistake #5

Forgetting to place rug pads.

Image result for eco rug pad

The moment you buy a rug, you need to buy a rug pad. Forgetting this important step will mean that your rug will slide and move constantly. Larger rugs won’t slide, but their edges will curl up and become damaged without a pad. The first thing you will probably do to solve the problem is place rug tape. This is a quick fix which will cause problems in the future. As Lewis explains that rug tape is “useless.” She says that “It doesn’t work, and will ruin your hardwood floors with its stickiness.”


The most important part of any room is the humble rug. Placing the wrong size or pattern can ruin the whole design. Leaving a rug out can leave the room incomplete. By fixing these simple mistakes, you will have a complete, comfortable, and stylish room.

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