The Different Types of Rug Pads

rug-pads-for-hardwood-floorsA rug pad refers a fabric or material that is installed beneath various kinds of carpeting such as carpets that spread from wall to wall and area rugs. The primary purposes of a rug pad are to provide additional comfort by offering a thick cushioning layer and offering a barrier situated between the flooring materials and the carpet. This barrier functions to prevent slipping or skidding. All this is dependent on the type and quality of the rug pad that is utilized.

There are various types of rug pad and each one is uniquely designed for different applications. Using a rug pad will improve the effectiveness of a carpet considerably. It also increases a carpet’s usability. Moreover, rug pads also help in the cushioning floor with an additional soft upper layer.

The first kind of rug pad is one that is utilized for the installation of carpets that spread from wall to wall atop floors made out of wood. Solid sheets of wood is a common construction material for the floors of buildings. For such buildings, rug pads placed in between the carpets and the wooden flooring materials serves the purpose of eliminating the issue of the carpet constantly shifting as well as providing extra padding.

Depending on the amount of cushioning that will be required, each kind of rug padding comes in various thicknesses. Additionally, they donn inbuilt rubber runners. These runners are used to provide a good grip on the wood. This aspect prevents the displacement of the rug pad and offers a firm base for the carpet, keeping it in place following installation.

The second type of rug pads is referred to as felt pads. They offer a more significant layer of cushioning by virtue of being extra thick. Such types of rug pads are specially manufactured as cost effective alternatives to the aforementioned combinational type rug pads.

However, they do have one major drawback. Although they provide superior comfort, felt pads are not designed to prevent slipping. During their installation, felt pads are often stapled onto the floor when they are laid down. This is effective in preventing a large degree of movement. However, the padding is bound to movement over a period of time. Consequently, the carpet atop will also shift.

The third kind of rug pad is the waffle style pad. These pads are specifically designed to be used under area rugs. Waffle style pads are very effective in preventing slipping and skidding but they are relatively poor in providing comfort and cushioning. Such types of pads provide a less costly option when compared to the combination rug pads and felt rug pads.


They are most commonly utilized in the buildings where the main focus in on occupant safety rather than comfort. One of the pros of this type of padding is that the padding material is quite thin. It can be placed over a wide range of flooring materials including tile floors and cement floors.

All in all, the type of rug pad that will be uses will be dependent on the specific applications, user budget and type of flooring material in a building.

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