Sunroom design tips

If you are one of the few people who has a sunroom in your home, then chances are that it is actually your favorite room. Sunroom offer a comfortable environment that enables you to relax and enjoy natural light during the day as well as beautiful view of the landscape. The idea of sunroom started in 17thcentury but it started gaining popularity in late 19th century when material such as steel and lager panes of glasses become readily available and more affordable.

Sunrooms have really evolved with time and today’s sunrooms are made with unique styles and unique features such as the use of French doors wood, brick and aluminum around windows to give them unique look. Some even have central air and extension. The interior design of sunroom can be simple or lavish depending on what you want. If you want a lavish sunroom, you can include element such as fireplace, sheer or curtain, ceiling fan artful wall sconces among many other to make the room more lively and lavish.



Sunroom design tips

Do you have a sunroom in your home and are you wondering what you should do to make it stylish and durable? If yes then below are tips to help you.


A sunroom is actually an extension of your house. It is therefore very important to choose a color that blends with with other accessories of your house. Experts recommend that you sold add pillow and accessories that blends with the color that you already have in other part of your home. You can have beautiful bold colors during warm months and warmer tones during colder months.


When it comes to furniture, designers are seeing a trend where more people are buying furniture and accessories that look more like interior pieces. Sunrooms are actually perfect places to have seating upholstered in fabric including those made with chenille, leathers and outdoor velvet.


Very few people are willing to give up using the sunroom when summer and spring are over. To many, sunroom make a great place for reading book, watching TV in the colder months. During winter season, you can bring a portable electric fireplace or heater to warm the room. In addition to that, you can also add some cozy decorative throws to add warmth during cold season.


Many people usually prefer to install flooring that consist of wood, tile, brick or concrete. You can also use rugs especially if you want to designate spaces. However, if you have installed intricate floor design such as brick pattern or mosaic tiles, it is recommended that you leave them uncovered in order to show their unique style and design.


Since sunroom allow a lot of light inside, they are a perfect place to grow your favorite plants or flowers. Having plants in your sunroom also help to improve air quality. Some of the plants that are recommended for sunrooms include African violets and begonias because they require low maintenance and produce colorful boom throughout the year. Peace lilies is another great option for your sunroom because they have amazing color and they grow tall.


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