Ideas Which Can Be Used To Come Up With a Unique Feature Wall

What is a feature wall? In a nutshell, a feature wall is a wall in your home which is showcased in different finish and colors than other walls in a home. There are several ideas which can be used to come up with a unique feature wall.

In the early1990s and 2000s, you will find white rooms with walls painted in turquoise and orange. The designs can be now considered by many interior designers as old school designs.

Nowadays, many feature walls are updated and the trend is on the comeback. There are more imaginative choices when it comes to colors, texture and finishes. A modern feature wall will not only add interest to a plain space, it is a functional and beneficial design element.

Why Feature a Wall?

The main reason of showcasing a given wall in your home is to transform the room into a lively space. It also helps in bringing up more design features.

A feature wall can enlarge a small room. This will depend on the type of colors and finish you will use. You can use darker colors to add depth and drama to a cozy space.

A feature wall can as well help in distinguishing a room in your home. For example, it can easily distinguish a dining area.

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Harmonizing elements used as feature walls can enhance the design element of a room. For instance, a room with ceiling beams which are made out of reclaimed wood can work well with feature wall with reclaimed wood design.

A vertical detail of a showcased wall can as well help in accentuating a high ceiling.

Great detail on the walls can as well destruct people from areas where you will not like them to concentrate.

It is cost effective when it comes to highlighting a single wall in your home.

Dos and Don’ts

Do feature the walls sparingly in your home. They are meant to highlight special features. Avoid using feature walls in more than one wall in a room.

Do coordinate the wall with the rest of the room. But, you should remember to make the wall stand out.

Do select the right wall for highlighting. Avoid walls with a lot of blemishes and destructs such as doors and windows.

Walls which have distinctive features such as chimney, architecture elements and carved molding make the right choices for feature walls. Walls which will display eye catching furniture such as unique sofa, dramatic headboard and well suited can make great feature walls.

Feature Wall Ideas

Wall papers can make great impression on feature walls. You can have a wide range of textures and hues.

Paneling is another great idea. You can go for 1960s paneling designs if you love vintage designs or go for modern wood finish panels.

Wall mural can be used in feature walls although many assume they are for kids. You need to select the right image, theme, color palette, sale and other features to achieve a dramatic result.

A tufted wall is among creative ways you can create cozy and decadent look. You can use it in several rooms in your home where you will like to have featured walls.

Paint can work by highlighting different pieces of art in your home. You can use different colors to make the art stand out.

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