How to Incorporate Fashion Runway Stripes into your Home Décor

If you have a love for contemporary style and stripes, it’s the high time to spice up your home décor with stripes. The recently concluded fashion runway collections featuring US and European designers were full of stripes from huge, audacious stripes to elegant pin-stripes and everything in between.
Decorating your home décor with stripes isn’t as hard as you might think and you don’t have to make a huge commitment to the stripes in order to have a transformation on a room. The following are some of the coolest ways to make use of the latest runway stripes and integrate them into your home decor.
1. Add Striped Pillowsstriped-pillow34b-e1297611405751
One of the most ideal ways of dipping your feet into this new trend is through throw pillows. Give various combinations of colors and stripes a try or make use of the same line striped pillow on your sofa for a minimalist, clean look.

Now that you have chosen your stripes and color combinations, you will need to add the stripped pillows that go with your design to give the room a better accent. Area rugs give the room a warm, comfortable feel and tie it together. A stripped pillow acts as an amazing accent piece to your end tables.

Cozy throws and decorative pillows are a must-have for your chairs and sofas.

2. Paint Stripes on Walls
Paint stripes on walls is the ultimate choice for you if you are searching for an audacious way to integrate this trend. However, avoid going overboard, and instead chose one key focal wall in which to incorporate the stripes as opposed to utilizing the entire room. Wallpaper can as well serve better. Try eye-catching prints, mirrors and art, or add an individual touch with photos of your family photos set in a lustrous gallery wall.
3. Hang Striped Curtains
When wallpapering or painting is not an option, striped curtains can serve as the best addition that you require so much. Aim for a ‘f loor to ceiling’ length and rich colors that create the illusion of tall ceilings.

4. Cover Floor With Stripesorlandoafter
A bold, striped rug is an amazing way to fit this trend into your home décor. Go for rugs that feature high contrast colors and tones that pop. Not only will these stripes offer a striking appearance to the room; they are also going to cast amazing shadows on surrounding walls.

For example, you can choose to go for sculptural designs that mimic a tree, intertwined and twisted in a manner that looks erratic. The design can actually be mirrored around a horizontal axis to conform to your home décor.

5. Don’t Do Away With The Furnishings
For high fashion design choices; include striped furniture pieces in your space. Be it a sofa, side table, cabinet or ottoman, upholstery and striped designs are readily available than ever at nearby home design outlets.

Based on the design you chose, you may want classic wood furnishings or more modern options that are constructed using marble or glass. Place your furnishings strategically near chairs to create a surface for drinks, books, remotes and more.

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