10 Tips to Help You Add Academy Awards Flair to Your Home

The Academy Awards is without a doubt a moment of inspiration when it comes to design, fashion, and luxury living. Every year, Hollywood stars in elegant gowns and sparkling jewellery walk the prestigious red carpet. Lots of people have taken some inspiration from the event and added luxurious style to their home interiors and you too can. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 tips to help you add Academy Awards flair to your home.


Image result for red carpet for homeRed-Carpet

A famous red-carpet on which celebrities walk during the event is one of the most glamorous items. Realize that you don’t have to buy a red carpet since there are many other affordable ways you can add that red-carpet accent. Lamp, throw pillows and painting can go a long way.


Glitzy colours

When we think of palettes, we immediately think of purple. There are many different palettes that can bring a Hollywood-glamor to your interior’s decor. Black and white, cool grays, shades of white, and gray of platinum can all do the trick. These shades can add sparkle to any room.


Don’t forget gold

Sunny and bright, gold is the perfect palette for adding life to a room. There are a ton of shades and finishes that can give your room an Oscar look when mixed together. Some great ways to add this luxe shade include silk or satin curtains, throw pillows, lamps and metallic wallpaper.


Add sparkle

There are many ways you can add high-shine finishes and furnishings to your space. There is no limit to what you can add, so add as much sparkle as you want. Some of the finished that can bring the allure of Oscar to your home include mirrors, silk or satin, clear acrylic, velvet and crystal and glass.
Faux Fur and Shag

No Oscar is complete without Faux Fur and Shag. Here, once again, there’s no limit to what you can add. Simply add faux fur and shag using carpets or rugs, throw pillows and a large throw. The look won’t just be luxe, but elegant and inviting.


Add curved element

You can never go wrong with curved elements. A series of curved lines can give your room a softer, stylish feel. Curved chairs with rounded arms, oval or round accent tables, a round mirror or carpet and accessories with rounded edges or oval shapes can do the trick. You can also add patterns with repeating or curvy geometry.


Ornate elements

If you are considering adding Oscar flair to your space, you need to include ornate elements. Always go for pieces with flat, shiny surfaces, not just pieces with texture to them. You can add etched pattern on the mirrored surface; glass or crystal with eye-catching carved texture or any item with a bold pattern.


Luxe vintage home bar

Find a space in your home and put together an incredible modern luxury bar with glass-faced cabinetry, vintage-inspired glasses, or a beverage cooler. If space is not a problem, you can put together a built-in bar. The trick is keeping everything in its proper place.


Dazzling lighting

Here you need to replace builder-grade fixtures with nice lamps, sconces or chandeliers. The right lighting will not just add glamour to your space, but also enhance all elements that you have added to your glitzy space.



Find a piece of furniture that features tufting or buttons. You don’t have to invest lots of money in tufted bed or sofa to bring Oscar style to your home. Simple things such as a tufted desk chair or ottoman can do.


Choose from the elements listed above and bring a Hollywood-glamor to your home. Realise that you don’t have to spend hundreds to achieve Oscar aesthetic. These ideas can also help you throw an Oscar-like party.


Lighting Upgrades That You Have to Try

The kitchen is the only area in the house where both function and style meet in a way where they blend harmoniously. That is why simple upgrades, such as lighting installation are a great way to add a crisp dose of style and substance in a room that used to be dull. Likewise, you don’t even have to fully remodel your kitchen just to achieve a new look, because by simply swapping the lighting, or incorporating some architectural track lighting could dramatically improve the overall look of the kitchen. We can compare our home’s lighting to paintings– it doesn’t have to be expensive at all, as long as you are creative; you’ll be able to transform your kitchen in just one day!

For kitchens that need an upgrade, you have to consider these practical ideas:

LED Light Bars Under the Cabinet
This type of lighting is usually installed underside of the cabinetry, that it illuminates the prep areas and countertops efficiently. LED lights are available in different lengths and most of them are even linkable. That said, it can be used even in long countertops. Also, LED lights can be hardwired into the kitchen wall and it will give a smooth look, and for those who would rather enjoy an easy installation, you can simply plug them in.

Ornamental Flush Mount
Perhaps the most effective way to offer your kitchen a one-of-a-kind style is to interchange the regular ceiling with something that has more personality. For this, you can consider installing a flush-mount fixture that has decorative details, such as geometric cutouts. Something like this would definitely give a dramatic additional to any kitchen, and this wouldn’t even cost a lot.

Under-Cabinet Rope Lights
The under-cabinet rope lights are like LED light bars that are perfect for countertops. Aside from that, they are also very easy to install and can be hidden under a row of cabinets using a set of rope mounts that are screwed in the cabinetry.

Image result for puck lights

Puck Lights
The petite, disc-like puck lights aren’t that troublesome to install, and they can be added almost anywhere that needs illumination. It can be under the cabinets, inside the drawers, or in the d fresh ark corners of the kitchen. They could also last for up to 20,000 hours, even though they are battery operated. Best of all, you can easily hang them using a Velcro.

In-Cabinet Lighting
These are advisable for those who need lighting in their cabinets that are usually dark, but would still want them to appear cozy. In-cabinet lighting emits a romantic vibe, especially if placed in glass-front cabinetry.

Pendant Lights
For kitchens that have a breakfast or island bar, then it’s ideal to put some pendant lights above it. This wouldn’t only add style to the space, but it’ll also make a kitchen island a part of the open-concept home.

Track Lighting
In cases where a single light isn’t really giving much lighting in the kitchen, then track lighting can be your excellent choice. Through the use of a single junction box, you’ll be able to set up a track light system that would let you to direct light wherever it’s most needed.

Cabinet Uplighting
Although the most practical choice would be installing bar lights or rope lights under the cabinetry, putting them on top could actually make it more aesthetic.

Image result for cabinet uplighting

Dramatic Chandelier
Lastly, there’s a number of lighting alternatives that have a more dramatic, unpredicted impact on the kitchen– and this can be done through swapping a simple ceiling lamp for a lighting fixture. The key is, you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and see which one would work best for your kitchen.