The Right Carpet Pad Can Help Insulate Your Home

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In most cases people will take into consideration the quality of carpet and the type when out purchasing carpets. A carpet pad has significant influence on the quality of carpet which will be a laid in your home. Carpet padding will add insulation to the home. The insulating properties of the pads can insulate the home against heat loss and too much sound when people will be walking in their homes. There are several factors you need to take into consideration when looking for a carpet padding which you can have in your home.


This is a measure of carpet padding resistance to heat flow. It is a measure of how well carpet padding will prevent heat from flowing from one area to the other. This includes keeping warm areas warm and cold arras cold. R values usually fall between R-0.2 and R-2. You can as well find high values. When about to purchase carpet padding, R factor is among factors listed. Carpets have R values as well; the combined R values make the combined R values for carpets and pads. Wool carpets tend to have high R factor when compared to those exhibited by carpet padding.


Dense carpet padding has higher insulating properties when compared to thin padding. The density is listed as weight per cubic foot of carpet padding. A carpet padding designed for residence is usually between 5 and 8 pounds/cubic foot. High grade carpet padding can be denser. You can find them at 30 pounds per cubic foot or even higher. Some manufacturers can list the density in ounces per square yard.


A thicker carpet pad will insulate better than a thinner pad. A carpet pad will be 1/2 inch thick and can be as thin as ¼ inch. Thick padding will be the right choice when trying to increase the insulating power, but you will be restricted on the thickness in some areas. Going for a carpet pad which is too thick can make the carpet flex and buckle in some areas. You should avoid thick padding in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairwells. You can restrict them to low traffic areas where they will not make the carpet fall apart. Always ensure you have the right thickness of the padding so that you will avoid unnecessary tearing of your expensive area rug or carpet.

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You should be cautious when about to buy carpet padding. A thicker and denser carpet will insulate your home from heat and sound. You should be careful of how thick a carpet padding should be in certain areas in you room. You should check the manufacturer’s recommendation before purchasing any carpet padding. Buying wrong carpet padding can make the carpet wear out easily. It will also affect the warranty which you will be offered for your carpet. Be careful when buying padding for radiant heating and Berber carpets. Thick padding can reduce the effectiveness of radiant heating in your home. For Berber carpets, you need padding which is specifically designed for the carpets.


Fundamental tips on how to use Indigo color effectively In Interior Design

The use of indigo dye can be traced several centuries back. The natural blue dye from flowering Indigofera plant was mostly popular in the textile industry. As a matter of fact, blue jean will come to mind whenever you think of indigo. But this color is quickly becoming popular in interior designing. Its versatility is what makes it possible to be applied in different areas even small accents like switch-plate covers, soap dishes and drawer pulls among others.

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In interior designing, indigo is finding a wide application, especially as paint. It’s a fact that white hue is attractive to many, but Indigo can provide magical finishes that are seeking for when incorporated. The hue can also bring out the best design out of an accent wall. If the wall gets Indigo papered textured design, it adds an amazing color and also a texture that can be built on throughout the interiors.

Many interior design experts have observed the psychological effects of indigo color. According to Dalara Holm proprietor of Dalara Design, the hue opens the third eye. According to her, indigo stimulates deep concentration during meditation and introspection times that achieves deeper levels of consciousness. She also goes ahead to point out that indigo stimulates right brain, creativity, and spatial skills. But to enjoy the benefits of this magical hue, you must learn how to use it correctly.

Here are tips on how to use Indigo color effectively in interior design.

Room by Room
According to Holm, Indigo is an alluring and beautiful accents color for interior designs. To get the best out of it, you can try integrating it in kitchen tile, accent pillow (on the chairs) or breakfast bench. Holm also brings out the aspect of combination to improve effects of indigo. She notes that purple, deep blue or a mustardy yellow will bring out an excellent combination in your place. As an interior designer, Holm advises its use in powder rooms and accent wall, bedrooms and on bed sheets in large spaces.

Shades and textures
Eric Ross, Eric Ross Interiors proprietor, has his perception and ideas about the indigo application in interior designs. According to him, grayed dark blue paint is more pleasing especially with texture. For an indigo wall, I will go to a grasscloth color since it has more variable shades, he says. He also notes that an indigo fabric can be used to produce a more dimensional look. Ross also offers a great tip: Don’t overlook art – it can change the whole perception of your living space.

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Complementary Colors
Complimentary color improves the quality of the original color, and this goes to Indigo. Ross suggests that a purple shades and indigo combo can have a greater serene effect. Turquoise is another great option that would produce amazing energy, he says. For Indigo kitchen equipment such as tea kettle, ovens, and other cookware, Ross suggests the addition of orange or turquoise color to soften their masculine look. To prove the flexibility of indigo to color complementary, Eric is designing a master bedroom using tan and indigo as the primary colors. If you play smart with complementary colors, then you will significantly improve the serenity effect of indigo.

The bottom line is that Indigo is a great color for interior designs. The hue can be both exciting and calming depending on its placement in a space and its tone. It’s a color that works for all genders, races, design styles and ages.


Tips on ways to mix metal in order to get the best look for your home

Metals like copper steel and gold have been around for long period of time and they are actually considered as classic metals. However, when rose gold entered the market, it not only changed everything, but it also lightened this industry. Made from a mixture of copper and alloy gold, rose gold is not only unique but it also blends well with other colors of the year such as pantones soft pastels as well as leading companies off whites. In fact, the unique nature of rose gold made Apple to include it on iPhone 6 offering. Metal mixing is an art that has been practiced and accepted by many people because it helps to add a little sparkle and elegance to home decor. However, everything needs to be done in moderation. This means that if you want to get the best look then you have to mix metal trends in small doses. In this article, we are going to give you tips on ways to mix metal in order to get the best look for your home.

1. Exercise restraint

One very important tip that you need to pay close attention is to exercise restrained. Don’t mix too much. If you want to get the best, you actually need to do things in moderation. You need to take your time to figure out what will really work in your house. In addition to that, you need to keep things simple so as to get the best look.

2. Start small

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Most people usually think that they need to have a lot of money in order to add a metal look in their home. On the contrary, if you want to get the best, you actually need to start small then progress slowly. This way, you will get the best combination that is unique and classy. In addition to that, you will also get the best metallic elements at a price that you can comfortably afford.

3. Balance the mix

To create the best look, you need to balance the mix. For instance, if you mix warm and cool tones or shiny and matte, you will actually create harmony and balance that will give your house a classy look.

4. Mix, don’t match

The living room usually has different metal element. The mistake that most people do when decorating their house with metals is looking for a match. For instance a combination of a gold table lamp and a brushed black pewter may sound like a bad idea but when you actually implement it, you will realize that it will make your house more attractive as opposed to matching.

5. Keep other features simple

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Don’t be complicated. When decorating you house with a metal element, you don’t need to change everything. If you want to get the best look, you need to keep other things simply in order to create a good balance.

6. Look for unexpected combos

Although metal elements are the most widely used to mix metal in a room, it is also very important to know that there are some other alternatives that can also give room an good look if well incorporated. Such alternative include use of wallpaper, metal paint glass accessories among many others.


Creating a Great and Fully Functional Shared Bedroom For Your Kids: Important Considerations


Let’s face it! It can be a daunting task trying to create a shared bedroom for your kids given the unique needs, tastes and preferences of every kid. Shared bedrooms also come with a beehive of activity which introduces unique styling, storage and space challenges. Below are some great tips to consider to help you overcome common design challenges as well as create a great and fully functional shared bedroom for your kids.

Creating a brother and sister shared room

Designing a bedroom for a boy and a girl doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually one of the easiest shared room challenges. Below are important steps to follow;

Step 1: Choose color palettes for the main room elements

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Start by choosing the color palettes for the room’s walls, rugs and furniture. When doing this, settle for gender-neutral colors i.e. turquoise and white, white and grey or a mixture of primary colors. If your son and daughter are old enough to state their color preferences, consider their input. To complement color palettes perfectly, layer complementary colors/patters on top. For instance, accent the room with yellow accessories if you choose grey and white colors. In regards to patterns, consider stripes, chevron as well as solids featuring large geometric shapes.

Step 2: Select furniture that match your kids’ personalities, tastes and preferences

After selecting your preferred color palettes, you can proceed and select furniture. You should consider non-themed furniture featuring clean lines. Avoid sleeping beauty or race car beds. Pair furniture with neutral colored essentials like window treatments and lamps but remember to match these design elements with your kids’ personalities.

Step 3: Personalize accessories

Personalize wall art, coat hooks, lighting etc. For instance, marquee lights featuring the names or initials of your kids will add some excitement and energy into the space. You should also add gender specific themes subtly with a few accessories but keep colors coordinated. For instance, when accessorizing using red, try a red fire engine pillow for him and a red flower or heart pillow for her. Storage compartments should complement the design scheme, however, be gender specific i.e. yellow for her and charcoal for him.

Creating a shared room for kids with different ages

In case you are trying to accommodate kids with different ages i.e. 3 year old John and a 4-month old Jenny, here are some important steps to consider to accommodate them perfectly.

Step 1: Come up with a perfect furniture layout

If you’ve just had a baby, chances are you’ll be entering and leaving the room frequently when attending to your baby. As a result, you need to get large obstacles such as furniture out of the way. If possible, beds should be on opposite walls or corners with your baby’s crib nearest to the door. Although structural elements like heaters and windows can dictate otherwise, your design objective should be making sure furniture doesn’t get in the way of functionality and the comfort for your kids.

Step 2: Create a common playing area

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Getting rid of obstacles shouldn’t be mistaken to mean getting rid of everything including a play area. Your kids should have a play area they can both enjoy. Include things like cushions, floor mates and soft larger items i.e. tents and rocking horses to create a perfect playing area outline that is fun for your kids. Remember to make sure your older child’s toys aren’t easily accessible to your younger child. You can do this perfectly by creating a lower and upper storage shelf for your kids’ toys. Also, don’t forget to create a warm family atmosphere in the play area that encourages your kids to play with each other. You can include family photos, framed hand prints etc. to achieve this goal.

Step 3: Create adequate storage

Creating twice as much storage space for a single room is undoubtedly one of the most notable challenges about designing a shared room. One of the best ways of creating additional storage space while keeping the room as spacious as possible is selecting streamlined furniture.

Bunk beds are great if your kids are old enough because they are usually streamlined and they feature built-in storage space underneath. Rollaway drawers can also come in handy especially when you want additional storage space for storing limited use or seasonal items. A wall unit featuring drawers and doubling up as a desk and dresser can also come in handy when creating additional storage space.

Shelving is a great option when you want to create adequate space for toys. Placement is equally important. For instance, you should consider placing a bookshelf right at the foot of a bed if it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable wall space. Doing this can give you additional space to place a lamp. When creating additional space for clothing, you can install additional rods to allow double hanging. Wall and door hooks can also come in handy for daily-use items.


The above information summarizes everything you need to know about creating a perfect shared room for your daughter and son regardless of their age. If you focus on being resourceful, fun, creative and efficient, you shouldn’t have a problem creating a shared bedroom that your kids will cherish.


How to create an attractive, modern living room

As a homeowner, you definitely want to get the most out of your space. You obviously have a living room in your home. This room is meant to keep you and your guests entertained. Unfortunately, if your living room is not up to the modern standards, you may not be able to entertain yourself and your guests as much as you want. It may be time for you to make a few changes.

Living room décor

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You living room is the place where you and your guests spend most of your time in. This makes your living room decor very important. The living room is also the space that you can use to show your sophisticated style to the world. It should reflect your personal style and taste as well as be appealing to anyone who visits your home. People who spend their time in your living room should be comfortable and they should also feel at ease.

The modern living room

If you want to make a statement with your living room’s décor, one of the most important things that you need to do is modernize the whole space. This should start by getting rid of all the clutter present. Your living room should be spacious and should be as open as possible. If there are certain things that you have to store in your living room (e.g. books, DVDs etc.), you should find storage units that can serve other purposes or that can close. For example, you can use an end table that can also provide storage space for your movie collection. Such a table not only performs its primary function, it will also make your living room feel less busy.

A modern living room must be bright and well lit. If your living room is not well lit, you should add some lamps to increase the amount of light. You should also consider installing overhead lighting, cable lighting or rail to your ceiling. The lighting installations will not only increase the amount of light, they will help to create a very modern look.


Modern furniture is more appealing because it is characterized by bold colors, elegance and simple design. They say the bolder your furniture the better. This is true especially if you have a white carpet or white walls. However, you should never chose style over comfort. You have to be ensure that the type of furniture you are choosing will make you and your guest very comfortable every time you are spending time in your living room. Feeling good is always better than looking good. Your guests will be happier when they are comfortable in your living room.

Pieces of art

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Every living must have some form of art. If you like paintings, photographs or sculptures, your living room provides the best space for you to display them. When you display your pieces of art, make sure that you place them in areas that are well lit. Make sure that they can easily be seen without a lot of glare and shadows.

Don’t get too modern

Don’t let your living room’s décor get out of hand by trying to be too modern. Keep in mind the fact that your living room is an entertainments room. It is always a good idea to avoid extremes. You should be colorful and bold while still focusing on creating a sense of space. If you need help with decorating your living room, you should feel free to hire a professional interior decorator.


Top 10 Easy Ways To Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design

Adding color to your lavatory is an easy way of transforming it into a space of your dream. Although neutral shades are the most common picks for the bathrooms, that does not limit you from personalizing your washroom the way you want. The following 10 tips can help you add color to your bathroom design while in the same breath, leaving it put together.


Painting any space is the easiest and most efficient way of adding color. When it comes to painting your bathroom, it’s imperative that you use bathroom paint as it is harder and mold resistant. Once you pick the shade that you want, you can effortlessly build the rest of your space’s color scheme around it.

Consider an accent wall

If adding color to the whole area doesn’t rhyme with your preferences, you can consider painting one of the walls. All you need is to decide which wall you would like to make your showpiece such as the one facing directly to the door and paint it.


For a more permanent solution, you can go for colorful tiles. You should, however, make sure that you choose a color that you can live with for long. To make your bathroom more modern, consider tiling specific points such as a feature wall, or a shower recess so as to draw attention to a focal point.

Bathroom fittings

Most bathroom hardware and accessories are less expensive compared to other color-adding options such as tiling. You can, therefore, choose some embellished hooks, cabinet handles, and taps that come with appealing hues as an alternative.

Wallpapers/ art

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Wall stickers and wallpapers are readily available and come in all colors, sizes, and decorative designs. You could also look for a vibrant wall art that can add a splash of color to your lavatory. Stick these on the walls, mirrors, or even the ceiling.

Install an appealing bathtub

Modern tubs come with stunning shades and choosing one that can bring out a striking image would be great. You could go for the painted porcelain, fiberglass, copper or any other material as long as it has a color that you are going to be in love with.

Ponder colorful shower items

You can choose a few practical items such as towels, robes, baskets or bath toys to help you with the color addition. The good thing is that you can swap them out whenever you feel like as they are relatively inexpensive.

Nature items

Nature is a rich source of color that could be useful in your bathroom. Choose flowers and plants with hues that draw you and especially those that thrive in moist conditions. You can also go for the greenery synthetic items that can add color to your bathroom.

Floor coverings

Apart from the functional purpose of area rugs and bath mats in lavatories that contain showers or tubs, they help infuse color into spaces. If you choose to add color to your bathroom with them, you only need to select the colors that match with your accent shades.

Décor items

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By placing a few décor accessories, you can make your space more enchanting and pulled together. You can consider things like candles, vases, hampers, or even decorative display shelves.

With these easy ways of adding color, you can make your bathroom more unique and personalized. Try a few of them and enjoying every minute of your bath will always be a guarantee.


The Green Living Concept – Tips You Can Use To Transform Your Home Environment

The idea of green and healthy living has been an obsession in our generation and almost every sector will try to come up with some creative ways through which the concept can be lived. Building and construction industry hasn’t been left behind as there are many innovations which are being adopted to make our residences and commercial premises to be safe, hygienic, environmentally-conscious and let’s not forget the need for having self-sustaining and cost-friendly built environments. There are many solutions which have been in use to address the need for having a green living and in this article we are going to take you through some of the most commonly applied trends.

Have preference for highly sustainable systems
Estimations have it that a greater percentage of bills for running and maintaining buildings are usually accrued from the water and electricity. To be self-sustaining, installation of solar panels and water harvesting systems is preferred to be on a safer financial path and most importantly, to enjoy the concept of green living. Electricity obtained from solar panels can be used for light duties such as provision of lighting and running other smaller accessories like air conditioners. Similarly, water harvested from the rain can be channeled for uses such as toilet flushing and consequently the benefit is that the hygiene standards of the specific building in question will be greatly enhanced not forgetting the cost-saving aspect.

Learn to Recycle Building Materials
The greatest benefit that accompanies recycling of building materials is that this approach can greatly help in reducing construction costs. Besides this, recycling ensures that materials which would have otherwise been left idle on the environment are put into appropriate use thus reducing incidences of environmental pollution and unsightly vision associated when these materials are unused. The wastes which are to be recycled can be remodeled to fit many other uses and besides this it is also very possible for the materials to be envisioned for various purposes.

Embrace the use of Natural Materials while thinking of Building
Truly living to the concept of green living means that you have to be specific about the type of materials you would want your home to be built with. More benefit is accrued when natural materials are embraced as compared to when artificial items are used. The reason is that natural materials are renewable, non-toxic and have an aesthetic value which can’t be matched by many of the known artificial materials. Natural materials never run out of building trends and are in many cases preferred for their ability to withstand many unfavorable elements. Sourcing these types of building materials isn’t that difficult as that is needed is some connection with highly reliable businesses which deals in natural materials in large quantities and at a reduced price scale.

Think about cost reduction strategies for your home
Besides being environmentally cautious, the concept of green living also does aim at reducing the presence of some items which may not be necessarily needed for a comfortable living space. Instead of filling your home with so many items, you can remove some of the items just for the intentions of having some good space and giving in more room which allows for application of good home décor. Minimalist strategy doesn’t in any way aim at depriving you comfort but improving the functionality of your home to an optimum level. By clearing some of the extra, you will be left in with some space which you can use to experience your personal taste and chances are you will have only what pleases your living.

Take care of the outer space
Though in many cases people do tend to excessively focus on the interior designs of their homes it is actually the outer space which we should first start with. The outer spacing should be built in such a manner that it incorporates all the available elements of nature. Growing plants in the available space is a great welcome as this will transform the nearby landscape and truly live up to the spirit of green living. Any other extra installations like windows and roofing panels should also adequately make use of natural sun light and airflow.


Most Incredible and Fun Ways to Use Your Basement

For some of us, making use of the space in the basement means adding a few more bedrooms while for others, it’s the perfect haven to relax away from the noisy sitting room. Nowadays, basements are even being turned into man caves.

Your basement is more or else like a black canvas laying down in your garage, waiting for you to turn it into something incredible. If you are one of those homeowners who feel that nothing good can come out of a basement, well you are in for a big surprise. Here are some great ideas on things you can do to transform your basement into a lively, fun-filled space.

1. Create your own Movie Theater

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We are all looking for ways to save a few bucks, right? And what better way to save than turning your old basement into a movie theater! Why should you pay for movies while you can invite friends and family over to watch your favorites?

The space in the basement is large enough to host a 120-inch screen, a projector, and a few sofas. More importantly, it has a little ambient light- just perfect for watching movies.

Have the room designed and styled beforehand. This means cleaning up, repainting the walls, ceiling, including other renovations. It will only cost you a few dollars but hey, it’s totally worth it considering all the fun you are going to have.

2. The Perfect Workout Powerhouse

Ever wondered why many homeowners are installing gyms in their homes? Well, a gym membership is quite costly.

You can as well install a workout space right at the comfort of your home. Worried about space? Well, how about your basement. It’s the perfect space to transform into a workout room. A few renovations like installing rubberized or cushioned floors to absorb the pressure exerted by heavy pounding and falling weights and setting some mirrors on the wall are a great start.

About the cost of renovations, you don’t have to spend much. In fact, you can configure it in such a way to match your style and taste without having to break a bank.

3. Perfect Playroom for Kids

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Raising kids is one of the toughest challenges a parent can face. The toughest part is during play where they literally create a mess minutes after cleaning up the house. Of course, it’s irritating but at the same time, you can’t help it because kids will always be kids- they love playing more than anything else.

What if you can avoid the hassles and create a perfect playroom for the kids, right in your basement? Yes. You can create a playroom in the basement where they will have all the freedom to play and mess around as much as they want. The whole idea is to get them to have fun while keeping the well contained.

Install an art studio in one corner and a workstation for them to build Legos or build models. Don’t forget to include toys for both boys and girls. Also, remember to install plenty of storage and shelving. You can talk to your local handyman regarding the said improvements.

4. Build a Game Room Everyone will love

Who says the adults cannot have fun in the basement as well?

Well, for the longest time, basements have been some of the most popular choices for game rooms. Transforming your basement into a game room featuring pool tables and a mini bar is probably the best way to entertain your buddies.

You can even accommodate everyone’s needs. For example, you can put the home theater in one section of the basement, the kids’ play area in another (preferably a corner), a pool table and bar in another corner, and even a home office in another section.


10 Tips to Help You Add Academy Awards Flair to Your Home

The Academy Awards is without a doubt a moment of inspiration when it comes to design, fashion, and luxury living. Every year, Hollywood stars in elegant gowns and sparkling jewellery walk the prestigious red carpet. Lots of people have taken some inspiration from the event and added luxurious style to their home interiors and you too can. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 tips to help you add Academy Awards flair to your home.


Image result for red carpet for homeRed-Carpet

A famous red-carpet on which celebrities walk during the event is one of the most glamorous items. Realize that you don’t have to buy a red carpet since there are many other affordable ways you can add that red-carpet accent. Lamp, throw pillows and painting can go a long way.


Glitzy colours

When we think of palettes, we immediately think of purple. There are many different palettes that can bring a Hollywood-glamor to your interior’s decor. Black and white, cool grays, shades of white, and gray of platinum can all do the trick. These shades can add sparkle to any room.


Don’t forget gold

Sunny and bright, gold is the perfect palette for adding life to a room. There are a ton of shades and finishes that can give your room an Oscar look when mixed together. Some great ways to add this luxe shade include silk or satin curtains, throw pillows, lamps and metallic wallpaper.


Add sparkle

There are many ways you can add high-shine finishes and furnishings to your space. There is no limit to what you can add, so add as much sparkle as you want. Some of the finished that can bring the allure of Oscar to your home include mirrors, silk or satin, clear acrylic, velvet and crystal and glass.
Faux Fur and Shag

No Oscar is complete without Faux Fur and Shag. Here, once again, there’s no limit to what you can add. Simply add faux fur and shag using carpets or rugs, throw pillows and a large throw. The look won’t just be luxe, but elegant and inviting.


Add curved element

You can never go wrong with curved elements. A series of curved lines can give your room a softer, stylish feel. Curved chairs with rounded arms, oval or round accent tables, a round mirror or carpet and accessories with rounded edges or oval shapes can do the trick. You can also add patterns with repeating or curvy geometry.


Ornate elements

If you are considering adding Oscar flair to your space, you need to include ornate elements. Always go for pieces with flat, shiny surfaces, not just pieces with texture to them. You can add etched pattern on the mirrored surface; glass or crystal with eye-catching carved texture or any item with a bold pattern.


Luxe vintage home bar

Find a space in your home and put together an incredible modern luxury bar with glass-faced cabinetry, vintage-inspired glasses, or a beverage cooler. If space is not a problem, you can put together a built-in bar. The trick is keeping everything in its proper place.


Dazzling lighting

Here you need to replace builder-grade fixtures with nice lamps, sconces or chandeliers. The right lighting will not just add glamour to your space, but also enhance all elements that you have added to your glitzy space.



Find a piece of furniture that features tufting or buttons. You don’t have to invest lots of money in tufted bed or sofa to bring Oscar style to your home. Simple things such as a tufted desk chair or ottoman can do.


Choose from the elements listed above and bring a Hollywood-glamor to your home. Realise that you don’t have to spend hundreds to achieve Oscar aesthetic. These ideas can also help you throw an Oscar-like party.


Lighting Upgrades That You Have to Try

The kitchen is the only area in the house where both function and style meet in a way where they blend harmoniously. That is why simple upgrades, such as lighting installation are a great way to add a crisp dose of style and substance in a room that used to be dull. Likewise, you don’t even have to fully remodel your kitchen just to achieve a new look, because by simply swapping the lighting, or incorporating some architectural track lighting could dramatically improve the overall look of the kitchen. We can compare our home’s lighting to paintings– it doesn’t have to be expensive at all, as long as you are creative; you’ll be able to transform your kitchen in just one day!

For kitchens that need an upgrade, you have to consider these practical ideas:

LED Light Bars Under the Cabinet
This type of lighting is usually installed underside of the cabinetry, that it illuminates the prep areas and countertops efficiently. LED lights are available in different lengths and most of them are even linkable. That said, it can be used even in long countertops. Also, LED lights can be hardwired into the kitchen wall and it will give a smooth look, and for those who would rather enjoy an easy installation, you can simply plug them in.

Ornamental Flush Mount
Perhaps the most effective way to offer your kitchen a one-of-a-kind style is to interchange the regular ceiling with something that has more personality. For this, you can consider installing a flush-mount fixture that has decorative details, such as geometric cutouts. Something like this would definitely give a dramatic additional to any kitchen, and this wouldn’t even cost a lot.

Under-Cabinet Rope Lights
The under-cabinet rope lights are like LED light bars that are perfect for countertops. Aside from that, they are also very easy to install and can be hidden under a row of cabinets using a set of rope mounts that are screwed in the cabinetry.

Image result for puck lights

Puck Lights
The petite, disc-like puck lights aren’t that troublesome to install, and they can be added almost anywhere that needs illumination. It can be under the cabinets, inside the drawers, or in the d fresh ark corners of the kitchen. They could also last for up to 20,000 hours, even though they are battery operated. Best of all, you can easily hang them using a Velcro.

In-Cabinet Lighting
These are advisable for those who need lighting in their cabinets that are usually dark, but would still want them to appear cozy. In-cabinet lighting emits a romantic vibe, especially if placed in glass-front cabinetry.

Pendant Lights
For kitchens that have a breakfast or island bar, then it’s ideal to put some pendant lights above it. This wouldn’t only add style to the space, but it’ll also make a kitchen island a part of the open-concept home.

Track Lighting
In cases where a single light isn’t really giving much lighting in the kitchen, then track lighting can be your excellent choice. Through the use of a single junction box, you’ll be able to set up a track light system that would let you to direct light wherever it’s most needed.

Cabinet Uplighting
Although the most practical choice would be installing bar lights or rope lights under the cabinetry, putting them on top could actually make it more aesthetic.

Image result for cabinet uplighting

Dramatic Chandelier
Lastly, there’s a number of lighting alternatives that have a more dramatic, unpredicted impact on the kitchen– and this can be done through swapping a simple ceiling lamp for a lighting fixture. The key is, you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and see which one would work best for your kitchen.