Top 10 Easy Ways To Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design

Adding color to your lavatory is an easy way of transforming it into a space of your dream. Although neutral shades are the most common picks for the bathrooms, that does not limit you from personalizing your washroom the way you want. The following 10 tips can help you add color to your bathroom design while in the same breath, leaving it put together.


Painting any space is the easiest and most efficient way of adding color. When it comes to painting your bathroom, it’s imperative that you use bathroom paint as it is harder and mold resistant. Once you pick the shade that you want, you can effortlessly build the rest of your space’s color scheme around it.

Consider an accent wall

If adding color to the whole area doesn’t rhyme with your preferences, you can consider painting one of the walls. All you need is to decide which wall you would like to make your showpiece such as the one facing directly to the door and paint it.


For a more permanent solution, you can go for colorful tiles. You should, however, make sure that you choose a color that you can live with for long. To make your bathroom more modern, consider tiling specific points such as a feature wall, or a shower recess so as to draw attention to a focal point.

Bathroom fittings

Most bathroom hardware and accessories are less expensive compared to other color-adding options such as tiling. You can, therefore, choose some embellished hooks, cabinet handles, and taps that come with appealing hues as an alternative.

Wallpapers/ art

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Wall stickers and wallpapers are readily available and come in all colors, sizes, and decorative designs. You could also look for a vibrant wall art that can add a splash of color to your lavatory. Stick these on the walls, mirrors, or even the ceiling.

Install an appealing bathtub

Modern tubs come with stunning shades and choosing one that can bring out a striking image would be great. You could go for the painted porcelain, fiberglass, copper or any other material as long as it has a color that you are going to be in love with.

Ponder colorful shower items

You can choose a few practical items such as towels, robes, baskets or bath toys to help you with the color addition. The good thing is that you can swap them out whenever you feel like as they are relatively inexpensive.

Nature items

Nature is a rich source of color that could be useful in your bathroom. Choose flowers and plants with hues that draw you and especially those that thrive in moist conditions. You can also go for the greenery synthetic items that can add color to your bathroom.

Floor coverings

Apart from the functional purpose of area rugs and bath mats in lavatories that contain showers or tubs, they help infuse color into spaces. If you choose to add color to your bathroom with them, you only need to select the colors that match with your accent shades.

Décor items

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By placing a few décor accessories, you can make your space more enchanting and pulled together. You can consider things like candles, vases, hampers, or even decorative display shelves.

With these easy ways of adding color, you can make your bathroom more unique and personalized. Try a few of them and enjoying every minute of your bath will always be a guarantee.


17 Colorful Bathroom Ideas Which You Can Try

23-Charming-and-Colorful-Bathroom-Designs-4Pattern and color were major components in mid-century American bathrooms. In the 1940s, you will find several suburbs filled with bubblegum pink bathroom floors. Other patterns which were used include mint green tubs, counter tops and toilet sinks which were made out of vibrant colors. The parts lasted till 1970s. You can easily locate avocado tiles in most old homes. This is a pure proof that the patterns were popular those days.

The trend changed since 1980, people begun to cover their bathrooms with quiet and safe choices such as gray, beige, plain white and neutral colors.

In a bathroom, you can try bold colors which cannot work well in large areas. We have compiled a list of 17 colorful bathroom ideas which you can try. Even if you will like to have stripes or plaster your bathroom in beige, the ideas will work very well for you.

1. Cool Ombre

If you have a room with industrial elements, you can lay ombr pattern to bring a modern edge.

2. Brilliant Watercolors

By installing cobalt blue pattern tiles, you will bring a soothing watercolor in your bathroom. You can have shibori painting on the wall to evoke the Japanese texture.

3. Organic Stripes

You can lay tiles which are almost square to bring up a quirky pattern which will go with organic finishes. The tiles can be made out of three or four colors.

4. Switched-Up Subway

Classic subway can be turned up simply by choosing dark and green glass. The glass can be laid lengthwise to achieve great look.

5. Bright Orchid

Your bathroom can be tiled halfway by fire glazed orchid to give it outstanding look.

6. Unexpected Splashes

A herringbone pattern of tiles laid in a bathroom will turn your boring space into a wonderful looking bathroom.

7. Geometric Tromp Loeil

A 3D cube pattern can trick the eye to seeing depth. You can keep the tiles half wall to prevent the bathroom from looking monolithic.

8. Curvy Classic

Shell shaped deco tiles to give your modern bathroom vintage look. Addition of scones, curvy vintage mirror and brass fixture will finish the classic look.

9. Moroccan Spa

Turkish cotton towels will pair well with a floor to ceiling patterned tiles. The tiles can be paired with terra cotta colored grout for you to create a spa like bathroom.

10. Subtle Texture

If you love the same color, you can have your bathroom laid with small tiles made up of three or four shades.

11. Boho Meets Deco

Square white tiles can be paired with a warm en-caustic concrete floor. This is a relaxing vintage vibe which feels sophisticated.

12. Blue and White

Your bathroom can achieve vintage China through tiling it with creamy white and French blue tiles.


13. Nouveau Classic

Plain walls can be paired with chrome fixtures, circle star pattern, black and white floors.

14. Soft Sophistication

Patterns such as coral, mauve, dark and burgundy tiles will make your boring bathroom lively.

15. Warm Gold

You can raise the temperature in your black and white bathroom by adding warm metal fixtures made out of shades of gold.

16. Ocean Vibes

Large textured tiles can be embossed with patterns rich in texture to make them overwhelming to the eye. If you have a cohesive space, match floors, console counter top and shower enclosures.

17. Colorful Contrast

For a stylish space that pops, you can combine two contrasting patterns. For example, you can use triangles and stripes for the space to pop up.


Remodel Your Shower in Best Possible Manner

A very nice way to break the monotonicity of a regular home is to remodel the bathroom. According to magazines, the average cost of remodelling a bathroom is $16,000, and the average return on investment is 72.5%. Therefore, it is very important to invest keeping in mind the value the new system will add.


One of the best ways to remodel a bathroom is by putting in a new shower that would provide a joyous and relaxing experience. A person should not go under a shower system and get disappointed by the tricking flow of water or extremely hot water or super cold water. A shower that has the best feature to provide the optimum quality is required. Hence, showers have to be chosen and fitted according to the various needs such as plumbing system of the area, purpose of the same and so on.

Here are some of the most contemporary shower ideas that would not only bring in freshness to lives but also bring about return on investment.

Let’s Focus – An idea that is trending’ is the use of a focal wall in a shower. The backdrop of a shower could be highlighted by using a printed glass, a unique tile pattern or light.




Color It Up – A white shower might appear to be depressing for a person. Vibrant colors could be used to rejuvenate souls and make the shower more interesting.

Sit under the Shower – The in thing’ these days is a seating area in the shower. It gives one a spa-like feeling. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged seating arena out there; just a funky informal bench would work wonders.

Lights On – An interesting idea is to put lights around the shower. It is an inexpensive way to redo the bathing area with effectiveness. Lights could point out things or areas that need attention and focus. Showerheads that come with in-built LED lights are available in the commercial market.

Hum Tum Showers – Much like the concept of having separate closets for male and female, there could be separate showerheads for the male members and female members so that the experience is a lot more fun.

Tile Mix and Match – A new dimension to remodelling bathrooms could be mixing the arrangement and types of tiles. There could be variety of mix and match ideas that could be implemented –

Use more and more colors. Vary the sizes of tiles keeping the color constantUse matte and glossy tiles alternativelyMix between small and large scale plain tilesUse different types of busy pattern tiles

Finish it Well – The shower experience could be enhanced by using various types of finishing such as a woody finish with the help of teakwood, a metal finish using aluminium or a glassy finish. All of these could be mixed to bring about a unique combination.

A person spends a lot of time under the shower, sometimes use for relaxation and various other times under stress. Thus, a shower should be very comfortable so that it can bring out the best in a person, relieve him of his tension and help him decide well and lead a happy and gainful life.