Remodel Your Shower in Best Possible Manner

A very nice way to break the monotonicity of a regular home is to remodel the bathroom. According to magazines, the average cost of remodelling a bathroom is $16,000, and the average return on investment is 72.5%. Therefore, it is very important to invest keeping in mind the value the new system will add.


One of the best ways to remodel a bathroom is by putting in a new shower that would provide a joyous and relaxing experience. A person should not go under a shower system and get disappointed by the tricking flow of water or extremely hot water or super cold water. A shower that has the best feature to provide the optimum quality is required. Hence, showers have to be chosen and fitted according to the various needs such as plumbing system of the area, purpose of the same and so on.

Here are some of the most contemporary shower ideas that would not only bring in freshness to lives but also bring about return on investment.

Let’s Focus – An idea that is trending’ is the use of a focal wall in a shower. The backdrop of a shower could be highlighted by using a printed glass, a unique tile pattern or light.




Color It Up – A white shower might appear to be depressing for a person. Vibrant colors could be used to rejuvenate souls and make the shower more interesting.

Sit under the Shower – The in thing’ these days is a seating area in the shower. It gives one a spa-like feeling. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged seating arena out there; just a funky informal bench would work wonders.

Lights On – An interesting idea is to put lights around the shower. It is an inexpensive way to redo the bathing area with effectiveness. Lights could point out things or areas that need attention and focus. Showerheads that come with in-built LED lights are available in the commercial market.

Hum Tum Showers – Much like the concept of having separate closets for male and female, there could be separate showerheads for the male members and female members so that the experience is a lot more fun.

Tile Mix and Match – A new dimension to remodelling bathrooms could be mixing the arrangement and types of tiles. There could be variety of mix and match ideas that could be implemented –

Use more and more colors. Vary the sizes of tiles keeping the color constantUse matte and glossy tiles alternativelyMix between small and large scale plain tilesUse different types of busy pattern tiles

Finish it Well – The shower experience could be enhanced by using various types of finishing such as a woody finish with the help of teakwood, a metal finish using aluminium or a glassy finish. All of these could be mixed to bring about a unique combination.

A person spends a lot of time under the shower, sometimes use for relaxation and various other times under stress. Thus, a shower should be very comfortable so that it can bring out the best in a person, relieve him of his tension and help him decide well and lead a happy and gainful life.

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