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America's Most Boring Towns: 8

- Scott Sargent - Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 : goo

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image 12921

image 12922

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image 12925

Indykid's comment at made me think of this gem- an department store in , .

Only in a nowhere town in the middle of Colorado can 6 acres of land see such lack of use.

This article has been viewed 30057 times in the last 9 years

psycho: very bealtifull

Grange: Like Dawn of the Dead without the Zombies

EvilGentleman: Like the Turcot Yards here in Montreal.

Biff: Those are great cracks...

joey: 23rd Jun 2006 - 02:31 GMT

One of America's best kept secrets!

La Junta is a growing city on the High Plains of scenic Southeast Colorado. Located strategically on the historic Santa Fe Trail.

To top it all off, several national chain outlets in town offer convenience and competitive shopping for our residents. In short, we believe you will find La Junta an enjoyable place to visit and the ideal community in which to live and raise a family.

Chris Erb: 23rd Jun 2006 - 03:15 GMT

If the best thing a town has to offer is "national chain outlets" which "offerconvenience and competitive shopping", I don't want to be there.

jack: 23rd Jun 2006 - 20:39 GMT

one of my favorite songs is 'along the santa fe trail' played by glenn miller. if you ever have an opportunity to hear it you will like it.

EvilGentleman: 23rd Jun 2006 - 20:52 GMT

And all I knew of Glenn Miller was "In The Mood", "Moonlight Serenade" and "Pennsylvania 6-5000" (the phone number of the Pennsylvania Hotel on 7th Ave, if my grandmother told me right).

Susan: 7th Aug 2006 - 16:00 GMT

I agree that "If the best thing a town has to offer is 'national chain outlets' which 'offer convenience and competitive shopping', I don't want to be there."

La Junta does have some other things going for it, but sadly, it is facing a lot of the same problems that other small heartland towns have -- lack of jobs. It was a nice place to grow up, and it does have a nice museum, a couple of small parks, swimming pools, friendly people, etc. After I graduated from LJHS, there really wasn't any looking back -- it was on to college and there are few, if any jobs in my field there. It has lost several large employers over the years, including NIBCO & the "pickle plant".

There is a lot to be said about our small towns, and I hope La Junta has a thriving future, although I'm not all that optimistic.

But for the real test -- can you get a decent latte there?

ColoradoHustler: 4th Sep 2006 - 03:04 GMT

La Junta isnt all that bad unless you are lookin for work then ur better off somewhere else...I lived here most my life about 12 years and its nice becuz u can walk down the main streets and nobody is tryin to sell u drugs or beg u for money or harrass dont get me wrong crime does exost its just not a very big problem, maily just us kids havin fun, goin 2 partys and stuff like that. Ive never heard gunshots here unless it was in the country, lol. Its a great place to raise ur kids if u can find a good job or its also a good place to retire. but if ur use to the city life dont come here! its too quiet and nuthin to do except hang out with friends.

Me: 21st Mar 2007 - 20:13 GMT

I'm really curious as to what made scott take this random road trip to all of these really small towns. What a waste of gas money!

iman: 15th Apr 2007 - 13:14 GMT

scott was probably on a road trip to a specific place, and stopped in all of those towns.

John : 15th Jun 2007 - 03:22 GMT

Even the trees are like, "Could you come over here and just chop me down?"

Gems: 26th Dec 2007 - 02:48 GMT

This is like the worst city on earth, there is nothing to do. Not only in La Junta not

"One of America's best kept secrets!

La Junta is a growing city on the High Plains of scenic Southeast Colorado. Located strategically on the historic Santa Fe Trail.

To top it all off, several national chain outlets in town offer convenience and competitive shopping for our residents. In short, we believe you will find La Junta an enjoyable place to visit and the ideal community in which to live and raise a family."

This unemployment rate is higher than the rest of the country. No one in there right mind would want to raise a family here, the police abuse is appalling. People get arrested because dogs chase cats. Innocent people with children get sentanced for 10 years in prison, when there is a video tape PROVING they did not do it. The police here do drugs and have children there wife's do not know about and god forbid you have a family dog, cause they will shoot it will out reason. And the great stores are Walmart and Safeway. Walmart puts everyone else out of business and the manager at Safeway is a jerk.

Whoever wrote that is either on drugs and sits on the city council.

Do not ever visit this town if you can help it, plus it is a speed trap and the state decided to build a bypass around it and all of the other corrupt small towns in this area.

Small town girl: 18th Jan 2008 - 16:59 GMT

If he was looking for photo's of small towns he needs to go to Cheraw not much their at all!

vanessa: 20th Jan 2008 - 19:35 GMT

not to bash anyone...
but i dont understand why people think growing up in a hick town will raise good children. i mean, i grew up in a big city, i think i turned out fine...and then compare it to these little hick town lds people that are just plain creepy...i dont think that living in a teeny tiny little town will make your children grow up to be the next president, thankyouverymuch.

Larry: 4th Feb 2008 - 04:07 GMT

My town used to be okay. . . but now it is swarming with illegal immigrants and criminal activity. The town next to us has even more illegal immigrants. For the most part it is getting uglier. And one thing I have noticed is that even in the most dangerous areas there is a remarkable lack of street lights. If our streets were better lighted, it would create an increased awareness of who's-doing-what in neighborhood yards and on streetcorners. I have never been to La Junta, Co but it certainly seems more peaceful than my town. In those pictures of La Junta, Co I don't see any evidence of crime, illegals, or gangs. La Junta, here I come!

lisa: 24th Apr 2008 - 03:10 GMT

i live in a very rural town rio dell ca i hate it soooooooooooooooooooooo bad i am dying to get out i hate it so bad it does have crap in it its like hell on earth its 300 miles to san fransico ca ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Marie: 24th Jul 2008 - 17:34 GMT

I grew up in LaJunta and when I hit college, I learned that I had gotten a great education. I was far ahead of the other students in math and science and history. You can trash LaJunta all you want, but it's a safe city with people who care. LaJunta also has the Koshare Kiva Museum and Bent's Old Fort which are great tourist attractions. The city parks are great and the hospital is very advanced. I don't know where you all got the false information about the town being full of crime but I know the police chief and he's a wonderful man. When I retire I plan on returning to LaJunta to live in peace and quiet with a very lost cost of living. I don't know if LaJunta still has the Kids' Rodeo and the great 4th of July Fireworks but I will never forget going to both as a kid. And Watermelon Day at RockyFord, which is only 10 miles away was a very fond memory.

Nina: 17th Sep 2008 - 02:39 GMT

La Junta is not a bad place to live. I lived in another small town next to it called Las Animas. And were not creepy hick people. There is no gangs not really any crime going on as there is here in ca in these bigger towns. If you happen to be in the area then i would check it out. Also, the picture all you are seeing is one store (Gibsons) that was abonded. But really the only bad thing there would be the age that some people get pregnant. thats about it.

wakeup: 18th Sep 2008 - 03:05 GMT

You people HAVE KNOW IDEA what boring really is.

US :): 15th Dec 2008 - 18:17 GMT

We think that you guys are Mean! La junta isnt that great, but it is a good place to grow up! those are just bad pictures!

JO: 6th Jan 2009 - 16:22 GMT

I grew up in good old LJ. It's not all that bad if that's your thing, I got out of there as soon as I could. My parents still live there and they don't seem to mind, but then again their older and like the peace, quiet and convience of a small town rather then the rat race of the city life. As for me I have been from coast to coast and love I mean love the city life. I dont go home that often but when I do there is one thing I can say about that town everyone is there with open arms and it's nice to go home and get humbled every now and then and realize that in this day and age there are still people out there that are very loving, caring, and down right good people. So the one thing I have to comment on if you think people that are loving, caring and good are creepy then I think your the one with some issues. This town isn't DELIVERANCE!! Some of the best Baseball players come from this town and surrounding towns. Don't let one picture fool you. If a small town is your thing then LJ is a good place for you and I would reccomend it as a great retirement town, But if the city life is your thing then stay there. I choose city life cause that's my thing but I would never knock my hometown!!! La Junta has some great people. So to all you people who havn't been there and are judging it from one photo, if your ever passing through I suggest you stop and experience it for yourself. Never Judge a Book by it's cover you never know what you might miss!!!!

Faith: 30th Jun 2009 - 10:23 GMT

Don't come to La Junta if you don't want your kids taken away. On the other hand if you want to buy drugs, this is the best place to do it. Right in a school zone too!! Cops don't do anything about it, they are too busy trying to take away everybodies drivers licences. Someone should make a creepy movie about this town! Yeah, My Meth Lab was at 711 Edison, drive by and see that pretty yellow house!!

alex: 2nd Jul 2009 - 04:20 GMT

i live in la junta and i'll agree, those are TERRIBLE pictures. lol. its hilarious. everyone in la junta knows that lot. we do doughnuts in it! everyone here knows thats terrible picture.

Jeff: 8th Aug 2009 - 15:34 GMT

Without a doubt La Junta is one of the most boring towns in Colorado. Virtually nothing to do in this town, no employment, no future, and no point. Yeah they have museums and parks, but there a abandoned cemetery's with more going on inside them.
As far as friendly, not really. The local cops spend most of their time ticketing travelers foolish enough to come through, as that's one of the few ways they raise revenues.
They want peoples money but sure don't want new people.
La Junta would only be a good place to be, or even visit, if you're retired and too old to care or even know where you are, completely dazed, or dead.

In 20 years all this place will be is a bunch of empty stores, and a highway going past it.

who: 15th Nov 2009 - 07:25 GMT

La junta is terrible. I am going to the junior college there and absolutely hate the place. It is true about the place being a speed trap for sure. In two years i have now received 2 speeding tickets when the speed limit suddenly drops from 65 to 30. The hospital there is anything but up to date. Good luck if you get sick here. My friend went in for a cut on his head and a hurt wrist. They super glued his head back together and told him his arm was sprained. After going to see a real doctor in a real town he found that he needed surgery not only on his broken wrist but also on his forehead where they had attempted to glue him back together. The police here are ridiculous. Not only will they pull you over for 3 miles over the speed limit they will also search your vehicle illegally for drugs that aren't even there. I can't wait to get out and i know everyone else is thinking the same thing.

hw: 15th Dec 2009 - 22:43 GMT

Way to show the worse part of La Junta. Cause I am sure there are building like that everywhere. It would be a better town if we could get more things here to do. I am from even a smaller town and I love the small town. It is a good place to raise a family you can do alot out here that you could never do in a big town.

buddmar: Looks really depressing.

Jeff : 27th Dec 2009 - 16:36 GMT

Yeah but they've also lost the car dealership so there's another empty building. And several more businesses have gone under.
It's a great place to raise a family, if you can do it with no job or one which pays next to nuttin, and don't mind the kids going crazy from boredom. And although the school spent millions on their team's playground the schools here are very poor. They've shut down other parts of their schools but rah, rah rah for the guys on the team.
So yep, good place to raise a family if its ok for the kids to be broke, bored, and brainless.

anon ( 28th Jan 2010 - 01:47 GMT

im going to college here and i HATE IT. this place suck and its should be listed number 1 for sure

paris-ny: 15th Feb 2010 - 17:13 GMT

I grew up in La Junta, worked at that abandon store called Gibson's when I was in high school that was over 25 years ago. All we did was play sports, get high, go to keggers - drive up and down the main drag and honk at each other--- Kenny May would sit at the city park on the main drag and collect pitch-in dollars for a keg on Fri & Sat night. If you grew up there and didn't have any exposure to the rest of Colorado or the world you could be pretty content. I always have said it's a great place to raise a family because it's so F&*^%%% boring. Your kids would have a hard time getting in much trouble. I left immediately after graduating high school and have been back a couple times. It's sad to see the town has regressed so much. No energy, just waiting for the next minute to pass by. I suspect city leaders and local business owners couldn't find their butt's with mirror and a flash light---and from what I remember that has always been the case.

I happened on this site because I was planning on passing through on a mini road trip. I think I'll skip it. If the town leaders and residents don't have enough substance to be "alive" and do something for themselves, their silly-ass existence will dwindle like the abandon Gibsons store.
Too bad for them. They don't need to do it for me or the likes of us on this site but holy crap experience something for yourself and kids other than watching the grass grow and the concrete crumble.

Ed Wiker: 17th Feb 2010 - 03:31 GMT

it is interesting that people can bash a person or place when they stay anonymous. i love la junta and the people here have always stood by my family and many other peoples family in times of need. people come together when needed. not everybody is friendly in any town but the majority of people in la junta are.when you go to places like the copper kitchen,the fox theater,napa auto parts,carquest,junction grill,bamboo panda,thyme square,wal-mart,the post office,or any other business in lajunta, and they know you by name it makes you feel important-like they want your business and friendship.try to get that in most big cities.its not easy to can be found any where you call home.we all love some place,not everyone else loves that place,but that is what freedom is about. if you love something about la junta and can mention some businesses that you love to frequent,post it so other people might visit that business. that is how a community grows. sorry i couldn't mention all the businesses in la junta. all you la juntans get on here and follow my lead. if you don't like la junta you have the right and freedom to say so. alot of veterans that fought for that right for you live here-think about that when you bash all the people here.

Ann : 17th Feb 2010 - 05:45 GMT

They may have to stay anonymous. There has been talk with the guys running La Junta to stop anyone complaining or saying anything negtive about La Junta in city meetings. Didnt pass but that's the kind of thing that happens in La Junta town which is all about freedom.
So veterans fought for the guys who run this place to tell anyone else to shut up?!!

Ed Wiker: 18th Feb 2010 - 01:20 GMT

i have had negative things to say about la junta before, no one has tried to shut me up. no one could if they did try.but i try to be tactful about it.not everybody uses good judgment at city council meetings when they bring up or oppose ideas. i dont agree with trying to make someone be quiet, but if that someone approches the subject the wrong way,then they should be held to a certain level of professionalism or stand down. i will not be anonymous,never have and never will.

paris-ny: 28th Feb 2010 - 19:25 GMT

I thought I'd check back in on this conversation thread. Ed on a more positive note and bit more constructive - has anyone or a group of La Junta residence/business owners thought about forming a effort to re-energize city leadership---you voted them in how about voting them out?

Additionally, if residents and/or business owners would like to see La Junta improve(assuming they do) there are such things as outside consultants that create community improvement project plans that community stakeholders(not city officials) execute.

Such as marketing campaigns for new business/employment, events exposing desiring business and individuals to La Junta locals. Lifestyle benefits can be enormous when compared to larger city issues.

For any of it to happen - a positive movement must take place with respect and communication. The communication should always be framed as to the positive outcome/benefits so that current city leadership can either get on-board or suffer the consequences of ouster.

Lastly, I'm definitely not an expert on defunct real estate issues, but I can't imagine that the city or otero county doesn't have some power to enforce aesthetics - especially when the properties such as the old Gibsons store is such a detractor. Properties like that "do" send a message that "our" town just doesn't care what other think/feel about us.

Jeff : 8th Mar 2010 - 02:44 GMT

Good idea that about forming community organization for revitalizing LJ.
The people running this town forget the times have changed. For example the taxpayers paid for some million in bond issues to rebuild the athletics field. Ok but now the city and school board no longer have the money to keep the middle school open.
Dumb as any business investor will read that as a sign to stay away. Business investors come to towns and will want good educated potential workers and the fact this town cannot keep its schools open is a bad sign for investments.
And it won't matter how much water they spend on watering the sports field, if there isn't work or investments going to come to LJ.

Bruce: 14th Mar 2010 - 07:43 GMT

I've actually been to La Junta ... summer of 2003. There was a festival going on ... a celebration of some local import. A queen had been crowned -- a Latina with beautiful snapping black eyes -- and she was being paraded through the streets in a convertible.

I remember eating at a good Mexican restaurant in La Junta. It seemed kind of a closed-society sort of place; not very open to outsiders, but then, I've lived in Los Angeles for 15 years, and sometimes I feel the same way about L.A.! (Particularly if you're like me: A part of the chronically sub-wealthy demographic.)

Actually, if you want to visit a place, in my opinion, even worse than La Junta, go to Walsenburg, Colorado. I drove through Waslenburg also in summer 2003 and, I have to say, I've never been in a town that gave me more evil bad vibes. Bars all over the place with ne'er do-wells skulking about. Probably a meth haven, if I were to guess. The place truly stained my soul, I believe, even though I spent but an afternoon there.

If you're looking for creepy places to avoid, Waslenburg, CO tops my list.

Thanks for the "Most Boring" towns list. Very entertaining reading.

anon ( 24th Mar 2010 - 02:26 GMT

La Junta isn't growing and I laugh at people who think it is. La Junta, Walsenburgh, Rocky Ford, Holly, Lamar, ect... Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas and most of the rest of rural America is dying.

Last time I went though the KFC was out of Business along with Dairy Queen, the Village Inn was down because it didn't pass health inspection, and the Subway was very very disgusting. The town in general seemed run down give 1 or so nice old residential street that was well taken care of.

mikey g's: its peaceful here in la junta at least foo

dude : 30th Mar 2010 - 18:58 GMT

were you live it is worse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!at least we have more peace here then were you live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paris-ny: i am dumb

Faith : i am dumb to

anon : 8th Apr 2010 - 02:52 GMT

Dude! the only reason there's so much peace in La Junta is that the place is so boring that even the dead won't hang around and haunt it...

Uhh.... theres a difference between peace and a town which is so set in its ways it'll die of stagnation...

Graveyards are peaceful but nobody wants to live in one...

T : 17th May 2010 - 21:52 GMT

I assume that some of you yahoos dislike La Junta, Co. SO What! Stay in your polluted, people and crime infested cities. I traveled the world for many years and find this little town refreshing. People say hello and wave. You can walk at night without dodging bullets, pimps and druggies. For those who complain that you do not like our little town, we did not force you to stop. Drive on down the road and do not bother us.

Marie : 18th May 2010 - 01:33 GMT

"drive down the road and don't bother us"

Gee what a friendly little town, with an attitude like that no wonder the place is fading away...

SR: 29th May 2010 - 18:17 GMT

I have to agree with T - if you don't like it here then LEAVE!! Noone is forcing you to be here. Pack your junk and get on.

Anon : 4th Jun 2010 - 15:25 GMT

"if you don't like it here then LEAVE!! Noone is forcing you to be here. Pack your junk and get on."

And so begins the swan song of a thousand dying towns...

Anon: 1st Jul 2010 - 06:28 GMT

The 3rd post states the place is growing? that cracks me up La Junta and Lamar and dying pretty fast last time I checked and did I mention the Subway was beyond terrible with rotten meat? I do like Lamar however its defiantly the one Id prefer to live.

Nona: 1st Jul 2010 - 06:33 GMT

The Gibsons store is empty because the whole chain went out. Something about the corporate manager not thinking he had enough control over the franchise stores so he sued him self lol. Last I checked he only owned like 4 of the stores himself and they were all in Western Kansas. But I agree La Junta is a scary dump.

ParaDux: 6th Jul 2010 - 18:21 GMT

Thats not the only "ghost" in La Junta. There is also the old Wal Mart, The pickle factory, an entire block with a deserted liqour store,cafe, and storage unit on it! KFC is now also gone.
The Historic Kit Carson hotel downtown is empty and falling into ruins...doesnt say much for the community when a new water slide is installed at the pool, but the streets are in such disrepair, pot hole after pot hole!
Many buildings, buisness, and residents are up for sale or rent. Most empty already.
True ...La Junta is boring..and yes, it sucks here.
If everyone who wanted to had the resources to "pack thier junk and go" La Junta would be completely dead. Thats why its in the shape it is now, everyone leaving due to faulty leadership and point proven by the number of real estate on the market, and some have been for years.

MA In LJ: 27th Jul 2010 - 20:17 GMT

It is a dull city. They have weed ordinace that they dont enforce. Schools are loosing students because loss of jobs here. They have a event called Music at the Junction where all the money goes to Hospice care. Because LJ is nothing but old persons waiting to die. They close the swimming pool before the end of summer. Truly weak leadership in LJ. There are store fronts that are empty buildings all over the city. We use to have more stores and a factory but all that is gone now. I have lived here my whole life. When I needed a wisdom tooth removed had to go to Pueblo because none of the dentists would do a simple removeal of a wisdom tooth. Its bad here. So dont get sick or else you end up in Pueblo or denver or Colorado springs.

Connie : 22nd Aug 2010 - 16:03 GMT

Yes the old people waiting to die trouble is that many of these old peoppe want the whole town to be just like them. Dead or close to it.

Years back they shut down the street cruising, which is part of small town life for like forever. And in the park they have tried to shut down the skate park, although now hardly any kids use it.

So all the stuff which makes up growing up in a small town for those who ain't the team...they take it away.

Randel T.: 29th Sep 2010 - 00:22 GMT

I spent most of my life in La Junta and have watched it slowly descend into a very paranoid and sad community. This is due to the corrupt law enforcement that finds it's revenue in harassing the community. They engage on easy everyday targets, rather than dealing with real issues. A majority of the community will have a story of their unprofessionalism, abuse of power or them lying to create a reason to arrest or fine. A lot of the community have commented that they are afraid to call them for help because how things will be dealt with.

K.C.: 29th Nov 2010 - 02:18 GMT

I grew up there. It's one of those places that parents love to raise their children - and their children love to get out the second they graduate from highschool.

Ann : 21st Dec 2010 - 23:40 GMT

Problem is may of the children being raised in LJ are often rude little brats, and often very arrogant without having any real skills.
They combine the poor attitudes of some stupid rap video, a idiot video game and the arrogance of thinkin their little town is all that.
Good parents the best they could do is homeschool their kids and get out of this toxic little pesthole as quickly as possible.

Jim J: 8th Jan 2011 - 03:16 GMT

I grew up in La Junta and because of illness recently stayed with family there for a few months. The place is on the verge of dropping off the globe! The hospital is horrible, with untrained people and the worst doctors in the country that just make money off all of the teenage pregnancies. I doubt if any of them could get jobs in hospitals anywhere else. The city government and police department would be considered criminals in any other town! The comment about the high school is true, they built a brand new field and then closed down the middle school because of lack of funding. It was a truly sad experience to see what has happened to La Junta, I'll take southern California any day! I imagine next time I go there (if I ever do) it will have faded away completely.

La Junta resident: 17th Mar 2011 - 21:00 GMT

Lu Junta isn't the worst place to live but it isn't the best. We stay because of the highway acess so its easy to travel to the mountains and such. It does smell and the crime rate is awful for a small town. Also the Subway and the Village Inn are kind of bad most of the time as stated by other people. I still find it funny that they had to fence off the KFC just to keep vandels out haha. There are some nice old buildings but most are run down and I love the parks. The medicle care and schools arn't the best (see Jim J's comment he is right about the doctors). If I could move to Lamar and stay this close to Trinidad and Pueblo I would but La Junta will always be my home even if it is a dump so lets make the best of what we have :).

Norma: 13th Apr 2011 - 16:37 GMT

I use 2 live n La Junta back n the days & it was ok, I left do 2 move-n cuz of my parents when i was 13 1/2 & went back when i was 16-17 it look like a SHIT HOLE!!!!! like crap!!!!!Theres NOTHING 2 DO!!!!!!!!! It does look like the dawn of the dead!!!! Its a big mess then i remember it along time ago!!! The ONLY thing thats BAD is THE WANT 2 b PEOPLE!!!!!! Man they sure e STUPID!!!!! A bunch of want 2 b thinking they r soooo Bad!!!!! They dont know what bad is intill they lived n a HARD CO place!!!!!!!!!! THEIR the ONES that FUCKED it UP!!!!!!

Norma: 13th Apr 2011 - 16:41 GMT

They have shit no big stores like a mall n soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo on u get the pic no teen clubs that r big 2 hang out!!!!! Shit!!!!!!!!

Jim T: 15th Apr 2011 - 09:00 GMT

La Junta is a fascinating place in the middle of nowhere. It is kind of a shithole but a huge eye opener for me. Notice on that home prices in La Junta are ridiculously low. you could probably buy a decent sized house in straight cash $$$ no downpayment if you wanted to live in LJ.

The amazing thing about La Junta is that even though it appears to be in shambles, if you go to La Junta High School, they just opened up an amazing athletics stadium at La Junta High School with new football field and new track with a crapload of seating.

Twinkle footed brah: 16th Apr 2011 - 06:59 GMT

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this place ____. (mod edit) Come at me brahs.

Anon : 3rd May 2011 - 02:01 GMT

Yah the home prices are low, but the local tax people are busy blowing up the assesments on properties. Can't give most of the houses away here but the property taxes are going to be a rape and a half. Got to pay for a town which has lost its business tax base, half of downtown is shut, and most everybody wants to leave but somehow had millions for a sports field which was a crapload of money for a broke town to pay. If somebody wants cheap property in a failing town buy La Junta Today!

Pray for a Tornado! : 3rd May 2011 - 06:55 GMT

And their amazing athletics stadium came at the bargain price of not having the money to keep their middle school open!!!

LJ let's see..., one of the highest foreclosure rates in the whole state, schools closing, taxes going up,up,up, no jobs within 50 miles...the only thing which will save this town is a massive tornado. At least then with the insurance money all LJ's friendly people could get out!!!

RICK GLOVER: 17th Jun 2011 - 01:48 GMT


Julio : 24th Jun 2011 - 16:49 GMT

Good it worked for you, but what you wrote shows the tragedy of La is a place where the past matters more than the future.

As long as the leaders here keep that idea, and a few rich people can make lots of money from subsidies and don't need the town, nothing will change. Whatever LJ was in the fifties and sixties it no longer is...

anon: 13th Jul 2011 - 04:50 GMT

I agree with everyone saying it isn't the worst but it is far far far from being anywhere near a good place to live.

And I live in LJ.

A good amount of what has been said is true. There is a reason they call the hospital here the 'graveyard' and there is a saying that 'if you can stop the bleeding, go to pueblo'.

The police never do anything that matters. You get robbed, you're screwed. Your house gets shot up, you're screwed. Someone tries to beat the crap out of you, you're screwed. Everyone knows everyone and a lot of the time the cops won't do anything because of some bias or fear of retaliation. But yet heaven forbid you accidentally forget to signal for a left turn. Then you'll have 3 or 4 of then pulling you over at once.

The new football field was a stupid move. But everything is about sports here in a way. If you're on the team, teachers look the other way when you're caught cheating, people look the other way when you terrorize other kids (which is ignored whenever it happens no matter what), etc.

The level of education is ridiculous. Basically you are guaranteed to graduate high school no matter what so long as you show up once in awhile.

There is crime, plenty of it. Sure not a huge amount of murders and things like that... Domestic violence is a BIG one. Vandalism, theft, assault,various drug charges, etc. A lot of stuff due to having nothing better to do. And the kids are punks who think they're all big and bad and try to prove it.

Everyone knows everyone else's drama and believe me there is one thing in common with most people here....they all seem to enjoy creating drama.

There are no jobs. A lot of people will just use and abuse the system to support their 5 kids cause they can't find a job or don't want to bother looking. Everyone just pops out babies cause they have nothing better to do.

So. A few positive things. The koshares is a fun experience. The park isn't bad. We have a decent movie theater running again. The majority of people are nice and say hi if you pass them on the street. You can take walks at night without too much worry, a lot of the things to do don't cost much money (fishing, bonfire, go for a drive/walk).

That's about it. :-/

So again it's not the worst but far from the best.

Liz: 16th Nov 2011 - 19:49 GMT

I have lived in La Junta for a number of years. I moved here from Denver. The job issue is a problem but don't look now but its a problem in big cities. The economy is bad everywhere. There are lots of people who have a ton of kids and abuse the system. I lived in Los Angeles area for 21 years--trust me people are worst there. If you want true drama--go live in LA, Denver, Dallas etc.. I have and if you want to be robbed, beat up, get drugs, etc...there you go. I have lived in big huge cities and I have lived in small towns. The relationships you form in small towns are lasting. You can find trouble wherever you live--it depends on who you hang out with and what your values are. There is corruption everywhere--LA use to have one of the most corrupted police depts ever. La Junta has its problems don't get me wrong. I would love to see more businesses come down here because I think it is a good place to live. But perhaps we need to look at ourselves and make La Junta a better place to live by speaking up and demanding better options in this community. IF we dont get involved with our community nothing can be changed. It takes work and determination. Anyone can complain but it takes a true hero to change things. It is up to us.

Get out....: 5th Jan 2012 - 04:26 GMT

The job issue may be worsened in the larger cities but they will recover. La Junta will likely not recover and reality is the rest of Colorado will have little reason to care.
Speaking up, difficult in that the cronyism in LJ is so completely out of control that there is no real effective means for speaking up...the paper is all too often empty boosterism, many of the town and county officials hold an attitude that public opinion or serving the public does not matter. The place would be criminal except that at least some criminals are competant and have some ambition beyond stagnation. I have worked in several countries and LJ is one of the most corrupt and decayed communities I have ever seen.
It may take a true hero to change things but in a town like LJ where speaking up can result in job loss or harassment by officials merely speaking up can be a problem. And that's the way they want it, and that's the way it will remain...until of course no sane person would move to this town, or stay in it.
As far as getting beat up well abuse of women & children is common here, and the authorities do nothing even when the decent patrol officers do haul in idiots...face it if one's a women here they'd be safer in Hell. And the economies probably better in Hell.

Fattyfatfat: 19th Feb 2012 - 19:29 GMT

Here we are, fresh into 2012.
Nothing in LJ has changed, more store fronts have closed, more properties have come on the market..They 'renewed' the wall at the park. (Just more tampering with historical sites, like destroying the original library,the old CBT, etc.)
The Valley wide med center is getting a new building...well ahead of Inspiration Field, which has been planned for years before VWHS. Both city owned. The leadership needed a change, but the only contender to the current Mayor, lost...and those numbers were skewed. At first he lost by 32 votes, then suddenly, many of his votes were discounted!! Corruption still abounds!! No new businesses are welcome in LJ!!

highplainscountryboy: 26th Feb 2012 - 18:25 GMT

I read the comments both good and bad its disheartening to read. Lajunta , Rockyford can be very nice if people would take pride and step up. They do need some real leadership in the towns , can be a real nice place to live and raise families. The water problem needs worked on , that could bring in some new business. I think a water tap if you can find it costs around 15,000 dollars. Do something with the old gibsons building shown in picture and the old walmart building maybe open one up as a recreation center, rollerskating, just an idea. Its time for the voters to step up and get some real leadership in place with some fresh ideas how to promote and bring the area back to where people would love to locate there.

anon ( 28th Mar 2012 - 10:04 GMT

Ha Ha that was Gibsons. I loved Gibsons it was way better then Wal-Mart before it chanegd to "Super Wal- Mart" anyways, lots of good times in La Junta. Although it can be boring, holy shit at least the movie theater opened back up

No Faith : 8th Apr 2012 - 19:22 GMT

Don't bother coming here or even considering living in this place. The lower Arkansas Valley is the kind of place where the local slumlords after a profitable week of cheating the poor locals go to church and paste on a false they pray to JESUS, JESUS!, JESUS! As they think bout how they are going to prey next week...
No decent Christian should come here, or long remain a decent Christian in this place.
That is why it is stalled, stagnated and decayed...the good people are driven under by the Satanic hypocrisy here..

Libertas : 24th Apr 2012 - 14:25 GMT

About RF and LJ being nice, most of the people here can be in spite of the fact that both of these towns have failed economically. However one cannot hold the same for the 'men' in authority here...police abuse is rampant here! All kinds of 'respect my authoritay" games and it's so bad that it puts the public in danger from the cops in the community. Here the DARE is often how to keep these uniformed wanna be thugs away from your kids and house.
So when you all come through as travelers consider it lucky that all you might get is speedtrapped rather than having your belongings stole or end up under the weapon of a badly trained, badly supervised yokel with a badge, gun, and a bad attitude!

Eva: 8th May 2012 - 01:51 GMT

I don't mind La Junta, but I've never lived anywhere else. I don't want to either, it's scary to think of leaving the familiarity of my home town. I think people who leave here are just running abandoning the town that raised them. I got a good education here, and I've worked at one local business or another since I finished high school. My family told me I would just get pregnant and go on welfare like most of my sisters and cousins, but I've shown them how it should be-a local girl giving back to the town and being successful. Maybe I can buy a house someday!

jdw: 15th Jul 2012 - 21:49 GMT

I remember spending a lot of time downstairs at Woolworth's, going to the Fox, the old library. I still have lots of family there, but don't get back much anymore. It seems like it has gone downhill, but I'll always like my hometown..Getting an ice cream cone at the A&W after leaving the swimming pool. Going to my cousin's house on the 4th of July to light fireworks...Haha, I don't really remember anything bad about the town, all just good memories.

jdw: 15th Jul 2012 - 21:54 GMT

oops, almost forgot the burning of the LJ...I was naive then (probably still am), and I think there was probably a lot of pot smoking going on, but I remember it as a fun time.

Jolene: 21st Jul 2012 - 23:51 GMT

jdw: It has definitely gone downhill bigtime! The only one of those places you mentioned above still in existence in the Fox Theatre, but they took one regular-sized movie theater, put up a wall in the middle, and made it into two very small, chlostrophobia-inducing theaters. The city council made it illegal a few years ago for anyone to "cruise" on the main street, so now it's like a cemetery after 9pm, and the local teenagers must find somewhere else to be social-at least their parents knew where they were when they could ride up and down Colorado Avenue! And we don't get to burn the LJ anymore unless the fire ban is lifted since we have had almost NO precipitation at all here-water restrictions and hotter than hell!

Arkay: 30th Jul 2012 - 22:56 GMT

There are buildings like this one and worse all accross the US. There are even more of them in La Junta. One of them was a Pickle Plant that was shut down and layed off about 150 people that had worked there all thier lives. This was done by Michelle Obama and others on the Board of Directors of Treehouse Foods (chicago, IL) in 2005. Just like Presedent Obamas campain ad says "When Michelle Obama and Treehouse Foods came in and shut down the pickle plant in La Junta, CO. it just made me sick" I worked there along with other members of my family -- Michelle and Barack do not have to live in La Junta. they dont have to live in this part of the real world. They just do thier damage and walk away. We still have to live here.

why bother...: 2nd Aug 2012 - 05:25 GMT

Yah shutting the pickle plant down was a problem. But the failed leadership here did not negotiate with Treehouse foods with any skill. And since the pickle plant was sent away (and that was years ago) these same leaders have not made any measurable success in recruiting new potential employers.
But the real situation is, the leadership here selectively protects its corrupt buddies and has no real interest in opening up employment in this town. There are some decent businesses here but many of the crony cabal would cheat their own grandmother, and dig up her grave afterwards to steal the fillings in her teeth. And the 'leaders' here who have a vested interest in protecting the latter and discouraging the former.
Michelle and Barack Obama may not live in the real world, but the people who run La Junta are so corrupt that even Satan would reject them as bedfellows. If there is blame here look a bit closer than DC. The real world here in LJ is stagnation and corruption and it is locally produced. For anyone thinking of coming here...don't!

Jim T: 14th Sep 2012 - 20:27 GMT

Michelle Obama had nothing to do with why La Junta is a shithole.

In 2012 Barack Obama will do better for La Junta than Romney will, that's for sure!

Kendygirl: 17th Nov 2012 - 18:12 GMT

i happen to visit la junta very often. and it amazes me that the photographer would be so interested in making the town look so dead. and i also find it funny how walmart is one of the most busy parts of La Junta, yet the photographer decides to take a picture of the back of the store when their focus should have been on the parking lot! i do not disagree that la junta is one of the most boring towns but i disagree with the how barren the photographer makes the town look (on purpose). It is a hot and dry place where country folk live and grow their crops. if they wanted to show la junta as it truly is then they would have taken pictures of the front of the businesses.

Kuduz: 11th Feb 2013 - 01:20 GMT

This town is a snap shot of Americana! It is locked in a place of time that will stands still. People live and survive in this town. People leave it, and some may visit or stay.
I suppose when dinosaurs roamed the earth they did it in what is now this small ghost of a town. Let's not slam a small, stoic place, but remember it once fueled Americans to go and stand up for their dreams.

Amanda: 22nd Mar 2013 - 07:30 GMT

I grew up in Sugar City and Ordway, CO. We went to La Junta and Rocky Ford to have fun. lol. That was a long time ago though, this store (Gibson's) was still in business at the time.

NOP: 8th Sep 2014 - 17:40 GMT

Lived there and it was home. But then a certin chain of events prevented my family from staying here in LJ So we moved. Sad that people have to be like that. Employment is needed but when they acuse you of words you did not say and cause rumors to fly well that's negative so my family left this place is full of negative persons at lots of places and rumors is all it takes to strart negative action. Sad that persons have to be so mean and acuse u of things u did not do. Moved and its just sad that people in La Junta are ready to think the worst of U.

James: 27th Dec 2014 - 03:52 GMT

I live in Denver but grew up in Rocky Ford. I visit La Junta a few times a year to see family. While there's not a lot to do as in any small town, La Junta has some great people. One of these days I'll be getting out of the big city and La Junta would be a great place to retire. Clean air, open space, very little traffic, lower taxes, and friendly people. Only drawback I've observed is the level of poverty which seems prevalent. Entire blocks of houses are significantly dilapidated. But unfortunately, with most of the residents making either minimum wage or close to it, the last thing they can afford to do is home related maintenance. Overall, great place.

Have to be anon: 20th Jul 2015 - 00:33 GMT

Well the city officials even low level cleanup behave like they are in a small town police state. Any disapproval will result in harassment. The dilapidated houses well there's manipulation of the first time buyers loans to drive those into foreclosure.
The local courts artificially clear case dockets which results in any number of problems. And in county there is a prosecution for slavery which was not initiated by the locals but the state prosecutor. And there is the Jacquez killing. Do not come here as it likely the worst community in Colorado.

The Truth: 20th Jul 2015 - 23:46 GMT

La Junta, Co City management- the good old boy system; it's who you know. Rampant drug use. The druggies, rapist or whoever breaks the laws love La Junta. Break into a home and nothing is done to the offender. Cops motto: do as I say not as I do. I have seen them run stop signs,use lights to go through stop signs and then turn lights off, tailgate and harass citizens who speak up about issues. Dog abuse and negligence are normal.(animal control lacks proper training and ignores the problem). Streets and yards filthy with trash,weeds and dog poop. Homes empty and forgotten. Streets with potholes and debris. For those of you that say La Junta is a great place to live, try living here for one year!. If families could leave, they would.

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