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Cheap Sex $60

- Elicar - Tuesday, April 11th, 2006 : goo

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I experimented on all sorts of filters for this to be more readable, but this is the best I can do. Anybody who wants to try the phone number?

image 10817

Taken in one of the washroom stalls in the Scarborough Town Centre on Saturday, April 8, 2006.

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S: I wonder if that includes GST?

drea: Did anybody try that dialing that number?

Cameo: LOL! GST... good times!

EvilGentleman: 11th Apr 2006 - 16:37 GMT

Hmmm, I wonder if hookers get charged with tax evasion very often. Do they have to remit T-4 slips that list their "personal escort" income in the appropriate boxes, and if so, are they later eligible for Employment Insurance benefits? This could get interesting... Hit men would be "involuntary euthenasia specialists", drug dealers would "Cannabis, Coca and Poppy product distribution agents", or "independent chemical salesmen". Imagine the plight of the pimp, or as Revenue Canada would know them, the "private entertainment management services specialist" Lemme see... Loan sharks: "independent financial consultant"; burglar: "acquisitions agent"; Fraud masterminds: "The Honourable John Doe, Member of Parliament for..." ("senator" in the USA)

Elicar: 12th Apr 2006 - 02:06 GMT

I used to be a pharmaceutical representative, EvilG. I called myself a drug pusher then! ;)

jack: aids........

kat: 15th Apr 2006 - 20:18 GMT

Ahhh STC...home to nearly half the high school kids' first job in the area. Except me of course, being too afraid to make people buy stuff. I would run from all potential customers. Hey- that handwriting looks familier...

Elicar: 16th Apr 2006 - 04:31 GMT

...and the other half loitering. When I used to work near there, the mall is always full of kids. I rarely saw a shopping bag in their hands. Perhaps, they all went to see a movie.

There was even a time when kids of a certain ethnic background were banned in that mall because of an incident I could no longer recall.

EvilGentleman: 16th Apr 2006 - 05:26 GMT

Banning certain backgrounds in Canada? Tell me about it. I remember not being able to go to the Plaza Bar in Chateauguay back in the 1980's, because they had an intermittent "No Indians" policy, depending on how recent the last big brawl was. And even today, it can be difficult finding Montreal Taxis willing to go to Kahnawake (which can be as little as a two mile drive away), all because of an incident that happened between three girls and a taxi driver way back in 1979. Of course, Canada is also the home of Apartheid, so this should be no major surprise.

Elicar: 16th Apr 2006 - 13:06 GMT

Speaking of a thread evolving to a different life of its own...

Apartheid... in Canada?

For a country who has opened it's borders to everyone, for a country who has legislated equality in the workplace, for a country who boasts of the most diverse population...

There may be some isolated incidents where we act/react on our stereoptypes, our biases, perhaps even bigotry, but to say that there is Apartheid in Canada is beyond extreme.

Let us learn from history. Races, gender, religion and political beliefs have all been factors in our "evolution" into a civilized society. Going back in history to open old wounds is counter-productive.
Politicizing everything can be volatile.

Sorry EvilG. But I happen to be a proud citizen of my adopted country. I am not saying it is perfect, but we have it good!

Do we have a good government? It is our job to keep them on the line.

jeeff: 16th Apr 2006 - 16:46 GMT

elicar - how about the reservations up north where people continue to be stuck without clean drinking water and reliable infrastructure? how about the saskatoon police (to name only one notorious department)? the amount of racism against first nations people in canada remains huge.

and aside from that, even in our belovedly multicultural toronto there remain very wide social and economic gaps between ethnic groups, and these gaps aren't necessarily narrowing. white, glick and kim (2003) from arizona state and brown university in the US mapped ethnic social distances in toronto and found (not surprisingly) that the city is seperated into two ethnic clusters which are quite sharply divided. cluster one consists of white "canadians" and british, along with other white european groups, koreans, and japanese. the other group consists of south asians (pakistani, east indian, sri lankan), carribean, and african people. the division is clear.

as gentrification covers more and more of the downtown core, immigrant groups are being pushed out into the ring of inner suburbs, most of which were built in the 1950s & 60s. the housing and public infrastructure in these areas are lower quality, are getting old, and will need major upgrades soon. do you think the population in areas such as lawrence heights have the political clout to push for these upgrades? why not? i used to work at dufferin & lawrence and i walked through lawrence heights many times. it's no coincidence that this (largely black) area is a center of city gang activity. with inequality on the rise, i foresee a problem such as paris has with its inner suburbs arising in toronto in the future.

so, sure canada has implemented a system that in theory allows for equality, but too often that system is subverted by backwards (racist) social practices. apartheid is a word, and you can debate back and forth about whether it's appropriate. but inequality and discrimination are real and they exist in canada much as they exist elsewhere.

EvilGentleman: 16th Apr 2006 - 19:31 GMT

Um, just to clarify things a bit... When I said that Canada was the home of Apartheid, I was neither being derogatory, nor trying to attribute South Africa's old conditions to Canada. I was merely stating a simple historical fact. When South Africa was looking for similar legislation that they could examine to use as a template for their new Apartheid laws, they chose Canada's Indian Act of 1873. Thus I consider Apartheid to be a truly Canadian invention, although the word "Apartheid" itself is Afrikaans in origin.

Elicar: 16th Apr 2006 - 20:27 GMT

"but inequality and discrimination are real and they exist in canada much as they exist elsewhere."


I did not say we are perfect. Heck, I myself have my own biases. So long as there are different cultures, there would be different practices which could result to misunderstandings. Inciting, rather than clarifying and educating. achieves no positive results.

History is quite painful. But thanks to people who have taken positive action, we are where we are today. I will say it again, it is not perfect, far from being one. But, if everyone of us will do our part, no matter how "insignificant" it may seem, we will evolve.

The absence of "issues" will make life so boring.


EvilGentleman: 16th Apr 2006 - 21:09 GMT

Ok. Anyways, I was only commenting on the fact that I too, have been refused access to locations here in Canada based on my ethnicity. I did not mean for it to explode into a huge thing.

EvilGentleman: 16th Apr 2006 - 21:19 GMT

I seem to stirring up too much shit lately. I don't know what is wrong with me. Sorry, all.

Elicar: 16th Apr 2006 - 23:24 GMT

EvilG, give me a heads up when you come to Toronto. I will buy you a drink! There is nothing wrong with you! I think you are one great guy, with a mind of his own who does not hesitate to share it! That's a good thing!

EvilGentleman: 16th Apr 2006 - 23:29 GMT

Thank you dearly for your kind words. I just might take you up on the drink offer, but only if you know a safe place I can park my car till i'm sober. I was in Belleville last Monday, but I have not been to TO since August 1999.

Ian: 14th Oct 2006 - 02:58 GMT

There is an apartheid in Canada. Ask any black or First Nations person about their current living and social conditions in this country, especially in multicultural Toronto of all places, and you may or may not be shocked by what they have to say. There is now a very overt economic apartheid, whereby, if you are anything other than white, your life becomes damn difficult. We all have to eat and pay bills, but when one is excluded from the country and society to which they belong, then that's where all kind of problems and mega societal issues come into play. And so Toronto is no longer the safe, nice city it once was just a few short years ago. People have gone nuts due to government corruption and the sheer need to survive in a racist environment. Let's get on with it and tell the truth! We all could use a little love.

Investigator: 3rd Jan 2007 - 03:14 GMT

I did a reverse phone number lookup and the number belongs to Wen Wu Law Firm.

So don't waste your time calling.

If you look good too in the pic, you'd see WEN WU.

Guy McLaren: Now that is sweet revenge on your lawyers.

Manoj: 4th May 2007 - 19:14 GMT

So here we go... what was supposed to be a topic about cheap sex and stuff has turned into a debate on racism... and further worse - apartheid!

Well, having lived for 2 years now in the GTA, I've personally never encountered any sort of racism from people of other ethnicitie. That being said, I won't completely rule out racism in any part of the world. People are biased... this has been the situation for a long time now, and unless we do something about it, it won't stop. Previously racism was an issue raised by the theory of evolution and white supremacy theory, but today is more because of personal prejudices.

However, I completely disagree with the situation being compared to APARTHEID! Or for that reason, even Economic apartheid! I'm not aware of which era you're talking about, but I'm brown, and we've bought a house in a posh locality of Mississauga. Moreover, in the city of Mississauga and Brampton alone, I see more Asian and south asians holding huge big houses than I see white people. So, to end it all up, when it comes to making money or having an influence, non-white people are doing just as well as whites, and the only places you'd experience racism is for tiny things such as: terror suspects etc.

EvilGentleman: 5th May 2007 - 01:06 GMT

Manoj, you don't get out of town much, do you? But more power to you for doing well and trying hard to live the Canadian dream. While Toronto is generally a tolerant society, as are most urban areas of North America, you might find that as you get into the more rural areas, that things are not quite as open-minded, even in the year 2007. Most people are still good and decent and fair, but in a smaller town, the bigots are much more visible, which unfortunately makes the tolerant, silent majority in their towns look bad.

And I would not pay for sex, either. No need, and besides, sex between consenting and mutually attracted adults is much more fun than with some person who is only doing it for the money. Sex should be a passion, never a job.

EvilGentleman: 5th May 2007 - 01:11 GMT

Elicar has been absent for almost a year, so I know she will probably never answer this, but a thought just occurred to me. Was this written in the ladies' washroom? I always thought these sort of idiotic things were fairly exclusive to the mens' rooms. Or was Elicar in the mens' room? Either way, it's something to ponder...

Arnab: It's a number of a law office in

Nocturnal_Dremas: 19th Oct 2007 - 02:40 GMT

Is that number to a woman or a man??? If it's a man fuck that shit!!!

Nocturnal_Dremas: If a woman cool, under age 30?

sana: i wante tosaw this sixy

bighouse: 18th Jun 2008 - 22:24 GMT

This is totally unreal. People go on about living conditions and so on. Why is it that people who get things for free and so on expect free forever?? I get no free housing, food or education for my family??
My thoughts and more.

Adam: 27th Jan 2009 - 18:26 GMT

Saw that number posted here -

Franny Wentzel: 26th Feb 2009 - 04:22 GMT

Adult movie acting coach only $60 per lesson!

EvilGentleman: 19th Oct 2009 - 07:07 GMT

Toronto must be an expensive market. I know guys who are able to buy sex here in Montreal for under $20. Apparently, most of them are naturally-born females, too. Mind you, I also know a lady who claims to be a $500 a night escort.

qaisar: im sex

lovesex: how about couple is it still $60.

scotsman: 16th Jun 2010 - 01:55 GMT

googled the number haha... Its a law office! Someone isnt a fan

sany : hi hu is one

johenathan: 1st Nov 2010 - 01:46 GMT

It just clicked the $60 is what you pay for you initial lawyer consultation after having sex. I

tom: 16th Jul 2011 - 15:47 GMT

look man every one need to fuck, either woman for money or man for enjoy. but do it nicely, coz you both fulfilling; fuck

roflcopter: 30th Sep 2011 - 22:10 GMT

omfg lmao google search the number Wen Wu Law Office - 416-591-8828 -

anon ( 28th Nov 2011 - 19:37 GMT

goood very gooooooood

anon ( 4165918828

gezzz : 1st Nov 2012 - 02:25 GMT

Maybe people should work harder like the alot of people that buit this nation, people think they have it hard now, you got to be kidding there is more social programs and help for " minorities than probly anywhere in the world. Imigrents even 4 years ago had no such help, its not your colour its cause you just dont't measure up.

gezzz : That was 40 years not 4

lawernce: hi

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