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Beware: Perv Alert!

- friendly_chic407 - Wednesday, August 24th, 2005 : goo

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image 4302

This happened to me today right after an interview I had. Luckily I landed the job so I was in a pretty defiant mood.

I was riding on the R train uptown at 3pm on Friday August 18th when a man exposed and began molesting himself on the train. It was at the very end of the train but it wasn't completely empty. A japanese couple sat on the other side and the man was sitting adjacent to me. I was minding my own business, taking the train to work as usual when this man got on the car and kept staring at me. I tried to avoid eye contact with him but I had a feeling he was up to no good when he kept massaging his crotch. I couldn't believe this guy had the audacity to do something like this in the middle of the day! So I took out my cell-phone and turned on the camera. Then I aimed the camera at him and took a quick shot. He quickly zipped himself up and got off at the next stop (it was two-three stops before union square). That didn't prevent me from getting a really good shot of him in the act.

Afterwards, I asked the japanese couple if they saw anything. They saw the man but they didn't notice what he was doing. I felt compelled to report this to the police so that it would prevent this from happening to other women. I said that if they did see anything, then they could help me go to the police and write it in the report. I got off at 34th street and reported it to a token booth operator. She was very helpful and directed me to a policewoman. The policewoman wrote down my description of the man and I asked her if she wanted the picture but she didn't take it. She told me that she would radio other officers and they would be on the lookout for that man. I couldn't believe she didn't take the picture, it had a pretty clear view of this person.

This has happened to plenty of my girlfriends in the past and it traumatized them, it feels like someone has violated you when this happens. Here is a chance that we can expose one of these sickos. Who knows what might happen later on if this isn't reported, this guy could go on to assault or rape women. I hope that we can stop this from happening to other women in the future.

Feel free to pass this around to repost these images online. This guy needs to be caught!

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kp: What a freak!

hondoe: 26th Aug 2005 - 02:48 GMT

someone find his mama and show her a pic of her son jacking off....perv!!!!

Macavity: 26th Aug 2005 - 19:49 GMT

Nice work! Good to see someone doing something instead of just pretending it didn't happen . . .

vz: 26th Aug 2005 - 22:34 GMT

what really makes this picture is that odd smile and the fact that he's looking you STRAIGHT IN THE EYES

Anonymous: 28th Aug 2005 - 17:55 GMT

Ouch! He's busted. I can't believe people actually do such things in public. At least you got a good pic of him. I'd walk right to him and smack his face badly.

RuneWillem-Norway,Oslo..: 28th Aug 2005 - 17:57 GMT

You Americans are allways so sensitive about sex and nakedness.. Wow, a man mastrubadted on a train.. very big deal, hu,hu.. In Norway, people would just laugh about it..why make such big deal about it.. you should be more conserned about all the poor people in your city.

Hey, i think the guy has BALLS having the nerve to do a thing like that..ha ha...

vz: 28th Aug 2005 - 19:14 GMT

RuneWillem, I can't help but agree-- I realized this had gone too far when I heard about this picture being in a paper. What this guy did is definitely not bad enough that it should ruin his life.

And as for poor people, they're the ones too many Americans are laughing about.

jeeff: this picture was in a paper?

tbnorway: 28th Aug 2005 - 20:50 GMT

Now I am really ashamed of the two Norwegians that posted their comments earlier. It is surely a LIE that in Norway we would just laugh about this. It is just as much disgusting and unapropriate here, as in every civilised country. The picture is obviously showing a sick person, who gets off of masturbating in PUBLIC and not in the private of his own home. Just notice the look he is giving this poor girl. All you boys out there, who thinks that this is ok to do; think again. You are really sick - all of you!!

vz: 28th Aug 2005 - 21:47 GMT

yes, what he did was quite inappropriate -- for exactly the reason you mentioned (see my first comment on the article) -- but not horrible enough that his life should be ruined by it, that he should be instantly recognized by everyone around him as the pure embodiment of perversion for the rest of his life!

and I'm not from Norway. I'm from Russia and for the most part I grew up in the US.

also just for the record, by "And as for poor people, they're the ones too many Americans are laughing about" I didn't mean to stereotype Americans, but rather that the few of us who do make me extremely angry.

RuneWillem-Norway,Oslo..: 28th Aug 2005 - 22:26 GMT

To the person who ment my comment was a surely a lie earlier.. ;)
I don't know what part of the country you are from, but we "surely" comes from different parts of the city and "surrondings of people"... I know ALOT of people.. and i mean A_L_O_T.... many of my friends who read about this, just laugh about the whole story.. In N.Y they made a big deal about this "Flasher"dude...In Oslo nettpaper they just wrote a little comment about it.. THIS because of a lady put the whole story on the nett.. if this lady hadn't put this "story" on the nett.. nobody wouldn't have known about this..

jeeff: 28th Aug 2005 - 23:03 GMT

in the end this guy is exposing himself in public, so he's gotta abide by the rules of public space. and one of those rules is that you can photograph him and do whatever the hell you want with the image. he gets off on it, so he can deal with the consequences. whatever your opinion, i'm sure there's plenty of opportunity for outrage/laughter/derision and a healthy mix of all three is probably the best reaction.

RuneWillem-Norway,Oslo..: 28th Aug 2005 - 23:16 GMT

One thing with this "so called mastrubating picture".. is that it's a VERY BAD and OUT OF FOCUS picture.. you can hardely see anything.. in a court, you wouldn't be able to present this as evidence.. i have put this picture on a large scale.. and i couldn't see anything because the picture is so out of focus...You can see that he's doing something, and havin'g something in his hands there.. but you can't see that is a c... his fooling around with...

vz: 28th Aug 2005 - 23:58 GMT

Curiously enough, nobody's mentioned that the MTA has a ban on photography on the subway.

wdegraw: 29th Aug 2005 - 02:11 GMT

Hey Norseman, sure you could present the photo as evidence in court - along with the photographer's (or any other witness' testimony) the photo would be very powerful evidence. By itself it doesn't carry much weight, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be admissible as evidence. Is this story being blown out of proportion? Surely not to the woman who was forced to deal with this moron and his dick in a public place.

Peter: the mta photo ban was struck down some time ago!

Peter: 29th Aug 2005 - 13:37 GMT

rune: im not so sure people are worried about him doing what he's doing in public so much as they are about him doing it *directed* at a particular person. thats when it goes from silly and lewd to criminal... in america, strange as it might sound, thats considered a form of "assault".

Mr Norway..: 29th Aug 2005 - 22:54 GMT

Hey Peter... you call this an assault.. agains who??? Well, the lady could have look the other way.. the lady could choice not to take the picture.... You Americans are very easy on calling things for an assault... Why make such an fuzz about this dude showing his D... you can't hardely see what his showing on the picture... the picture is VERY out of focus... well, it gives a "person" an idea what this dude are doing.. But you can't really see what this man are doing.. and about evidence: would you really take this to an court? Like a said earlier, this incident have only been focused on, just because some lady put it on the internett... he he.. you americans.. like to make a show out of this.... ;)

Peter: 30th Aug 2005 - 13:36 GMT

mr. norway, after being here only a day, its pretty clear that youre only interested in pigeon-holing "you americans" and talking shit. its sort of funny, especially as americans are certainly in the minority on this site, hehehe.

Mr Norway..: 30th Aug 2005 - 14:53 GMT

Hi Peter... Yeah, you're right... i like provoting you a bit... ;) "you americanos"... but you must agree that you like to put a show on everything that is normal or unnormal... he he...

Peter: 30th Aug 2005 - 15:12 GMT

actually, i enjoy showing/looking at interesting things without provoking anyone.

nytopa: 30th Aug 2005 - 16:25 GMT

i had this and worse done to me as a young girl commuting to high school. it is very traumatizing for a child...these deviants should be punished!!!

Deshant: 1st Sep 2005 - 15:06 GMT

Good job!

Duke of Flatbush: 1st Sep 2005 - 16:37 GMT

I think this guy was caught. NYT Metro section had a blurb about a pre-vert who was aprehended for flashing on the subway. Apparently he owned a restaurant downtown and on the upper west side.

Peter: 1st Sep 2005 - 17:02 GMT

yes. note the link in the comment right above yours ;)

Bute Ai: 2nd Sep 2005 - 04:38 GMT

The guy in question is considered a leader in the "holistic healing" and "raw food" movement in NYC. It seems absolutely incongruous that someone should be telling other people what's good for them, when he can't even keep his d--k in his pants in public spaces. I mean seriously, it's really fucked up/creepy -and not just for the reasons listed above. I'm sick of people pretending that their lifestyles are the key to happy living (especially when they charge people $10 for a vegetable juice) when they are more troubled than most people. Very discouraging and damaging.

And to the Norwegian contingents - I'm 1/2 American, 1/2 Norwegian and both halfs are equally fucked up.

Mrmr: Glad they caught the guy.

Cybergirl: 11th Sep 2005 - 08:02 GMT

You are very brave to take his picture. His name is Dan Hoyt. He is 43 and owns 2 restaurants called Quintessence. One is at 566 Amsterdam Avenue (btw. 87th & 88th St.) and the other is at 263 E 10th Street, (btw. Ave A & 1st Ave). The website is at: He pretends to be holistic but he has been sexually harassing women for years and other charges which haven't been confirmed. If you live in the area, be sure to take your dog for a poop on these doorsteps.

Reporter646: 12th Sep 2005 - 19:06 GMT

Hi, I'm working on a magazine feature about Dan Hoyt .... Are any of you interested in talking about him?
Friendly_chic407, I'd really love to talk to you about your whole experience...
And Cybergirl, have you worked at Quintessence, or do you know people that have? Would they be willing to talk to me about Dan?
Write me at Thanks!

disgusted: 15th Sep 2005 - 21:06 GMT

anyone who would downplay the complete violation of someone doing this is ignorant.. and most likely a male. it is by no means "funny" to act like a complete pervert and make someone feel so uncomfortable. if you'd laugh about this, maybe you should reevaluate your moral standings, if they even exsist. if he would take his cock out and masturbate... what's to say he wouldn't rape someone on the same train? harvest a few brain cells and use them. it's not funny and it should be taken seriously. and just because "no one would've known without the article" doesn't mean it's okay. actually make me sick... you are pathetic and should be ashamed of your extreme lack of morals.

barry: 23rd Sep 2005 - 19:48 GMT

If this man dan hout was flashing at girls on train. (Stangers)Good help the girls who where working for him in his restaurants.?

JayEastsider: 23rd Sep 2005 - 21:06 GMT

This just happened in Toronto recently

RuneWillem-Norway,Oslo..: 2nd Nov 2005 - 17:16 GMT

Attention DISGUSTED.. You wrote that i should be ashemed of my lack of morals... He he, well i guess that "we up here in scandinavia" are more free minded about things than you americans down there.. I'll tell you one thing, all of this blogging on this cite about this dude showing off on a public train.. started with some Lady who put the story on the internett.. and the story went all over the world... even to a front page of a newspaper here in Norway and Sweden.. My first remarks to this story was that my personal wiew on american type of news, is that YOU like to put a show on everything that are strange.. or "not normal" in your eyes... In Norway, (for an exsample)if a murder happens. or robbery happens.. it hit the front page right away... In America if this happens in one of your city's, it dosen't hit the papers at all because this type of crimes happens all the time.. My meaning with this is that if this mastrubating guy had done this in Norway.. it wouldn't hit the news like this did.... get the picture...

You americans can show violent movies on TV or cinemas.. but sex.. is a crime in your eyes... In my country we can see nudedy or sex scenes on TV... no laws against that..(i don't mean pornograpic movies)

Peter: 2nd Nov 2005 - 18:41 GMT

mr norway, must we really continue to rehash this dead argument? im not sure that anyone is interested anymore as you dont like so much to argue as to insult.

my opinion: 13th Nov 2005 - 09:23 GMT

To RuneWillem: Obviously you've never seen a penis in person - This guy definitely has his Darth Vader helmet out. It's plain as day!

pollyestherdacron: 13th Nov 2005 - 17:38 GMT

I believe that nudity and sex are acceptable things, and in acts as themselves shouldn't be criminalized as they frequently are by american society.. however.. there are a couple points I'd like to make about this picture.. one, in american society, masturbating in public isn't considered acceptable, so this man obviously has some kind of mental problem, or just enjoys screwing with the rules of society, not that i have a problem with not agreeing with society, but if he was trying to make some kind of point about american culture, he wasn't making it very obvious.
Also, the thing that makes this really disturbing is - he wasn't just sitting there jacking off looking at a magazine or something, he was staring AT THE WOMAN who took the photo. He was making it obvious that he thought of her as a sexual object and didn't have any respect for how she might feel about that. being treated that way is kind of like being long-distance raped. it's degrading. a lot of men do these kinds of degrading things to women all the time, some not as far as actually jacking off, but i've sat on the bus and had some middle-aged guy staring at me, undressing me with his eyes.. it makes you feel violated. Sure, they haven't physically touched you in any way, but I think any woman on here probably knows what I'm talking about. No woman wants to feel like they're just a THING for men to get off on. So what's at question is more than whether this guy should have the freedom to express his sexuality. he's using someone else to do it, without their consent, and that's nasty. if you want to jack off thinking about somebody you saw on the bus, it's respectful to wait till you get home, so they don't have to know about it. And men who harass women all too often don't get caught at all... a lot of things guys do like drive by in their cars and hoot or yell dirty things out their windows probably aren't even illegal, but they do make me and lots of of other women feel objectified and violated, like we aren't even safe to walk down the street without being treated like a slab of meat. I don't think there's anything wrong with pornography (as long as it contains only consenting adults) or sex being shown on tv, but there is something wrong with considering it OK for women to be objectified.
also somebody posted on here that this guy was a known harasser of women, so in my mind it's totally good what the original poster did. and as people said, if he's whipping it out on the train, it's his own problem if people take a picture.

pinkie: 13th Nov 2005 - 19:42 GMT

I can certainly see that there is a penis in view. Being a woman, I find this sort of behaviour unacceptable. The lady was not asking to be used as a girlie magazine to be jacked off to. She was going home. If the dude was aroused by her, he could have waited and done that in the privacy of his home. He chose not to, those suffer the consequences.

As far as violence is concerned, I agree. We have WAY to much of it herein the states. We are only encouraging our children to be abrasive to others to earn respect.

Grant NYC: 15th Nov 2005 - 22:06 GMT

Does anyone know the outcome of Dan Hoyt's case? Last I read, he was making flippant statements of his act being a misdemeanor.

I know it's been written before, but I'd like to once again praise Ms. Nguyen for her quick thinking.

Also, for the apologists that think this was no big deal, you're entitled to your opinion. But, when I catch you on the subway beating off to some traumatized stranger, I'm going break your arm at the elbow.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 15th Nov 2005 - 22:57 GMT

Grant, I was trying to find out what happened too, but have so far been thwarted.
While I never allow myself to feel victimized (why give someone the power?) I am constantly amazed by how many men get their jollies at the expense of women on the train. I find a loud, "Get your dick off me, you filthy pervert" usually suffices to A) terminate the antisocial behavior and B) let them know that I will not be victimised and C) alert other subway riders to a scumbag in their midst. Too many people keep quiet because they're embarassed, when they should be angry. Why should I look away or pretend it's not happening? How about they don't spank off in front of me?

Grant NYC: 16th Nov 2005 - 17:03 GMT

Yeah, Iím pretty shocked about how common this event is as well. I would say, just anecdotally, about 1 of every 6 women that I know has experienced some sort of guy-jacking-it-in-public situation (including my girlfriend). In general though, Iím pretty disgusted by the level of disrespect exhibited by many men toward women in the city. This includes (but not limited to) the gawking, the whispers in the ear, the cat calling, and the sitting spread eagle in a subway seat.

You made an accurate observation about ďpowerĒ. All these acts, including the public masturbation, are so much more of a display of a perception of power. I mean, has whispering into a passing womanís ear ever gotten some guy a date? Itís just a exercise in violating a womanís space. In essence, itís not all that different than flopping your penis out on a train. But I donít think I need to really explain this to you (Catherine) or others that feel that Dan Hoytís actions were an assault on Ms. Nguyen. And for the individuals that think it wasnít a big deal, itís a waste of my breath because Iím not going to change your mind anyway.

On another point, I walk past Hoytís restaurant in the East Village relatively often, and Iím surprised to see customers. I think if I was a patron at Quintessance, I would have boycotted the joint. But people ultimately need to decide for themselves, I guess.

Peter: 16th Nov 2005 - 17:07 GMT

i have never eaten at his place. and i certainly never will, thats for sure!

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 16th Nov 2005 - 17:31 GMT

If I had a larger external sexual organ and I went to Hoyt's restuarant to jerk off, I wonder how he would explain it to his customers?

Withheld: 24th Nov 2005 - 04:46 GMT

It TRAUMATIZED them? Then they were insulated little girls who deserved a shock. I can't believe the morons on this thread. Listen up, ostriches: there are scary things in the world, & some of them cause real trauma: rape, murder, torture, disease, starvation. Being flashed on the fucking R train ain't one of them. Check any psychological source: flashers are mostly harmless - about ninety-nine percent of them will never do anything worse than expose themselves. Who taught you the world owed you something? Crybabies. Grow the fuck up.

Jamie: 24th Nov 2005 - 16:38 GMT

well, yeah you have a point. but it's still not nice, and you still shouldn't do it. not in public

Withheld: 24th Nov 2005 - 18:02 GMT

OK, that I can agree with. No, it's not nice, & maybe he deserves a sock in the jaw. He's a selfish jerk. I'm not saying it's OK, just that we shouldn't overreact.

Remi: 27th Nov 2005 - 00:35 GMT

I love when people throw around made up figures to buttress their arguments. One percent? Ninety nine percent? Why don't you leave a link to "any of those psychological studies" that you are so well versed in?

Sure, perhaps a perv with his penis isn't necessarily traumatic, but it is intrusive as fuck. You might be desentitized to pervert dicks; I'd rather not have to see it on my morning commute.

FSL: 2nd Dec 2005 - 19:59 GMT


"Who taught you the world owed you something?".

Not only is it melodramatic, but I'm not sure how exactly it fits in your argument? If someone beats off in front of me, and I'm traumatized by it, am I some sort of spoiled, sheltered brat? Shouldn't I be able to expect commuting to work without having someone jerk it at me? Or is that expecting too much? People deal with things differently. Why are you so pissed off by that? Aren't you blaming the victim?

Frankly, I'd like to see Hoyt suffer the legal consequences for his actions. It's not the first time he's done it, and it's not the first time he's been caught.

Jackie: Hi Withheld. You're stoopid.

TheManTheDeveloper: 5th Dec 2005 - 18:48 GMT

Its good that the freak didn't rape that girl or something. I don't know, I feel like I am the only person who thinks Rapists deserve the death penalty. And they only get like 2 years in jail alot of the time. This guy apparently isn't a rapist, but they should chop off his penis, so he will not be able to whip it out, and it will help him to act more like a gentleman. I think people like him, probably don't think that any real consequences will actually happen. My girlfriends dad used to say "a good beating sometimes changes people." I still think he is a buffoon, but I think if someone saw his behavior and beat him silly, he might think twice about choking his chicken on the train.

EvilGentleman: 8th Feb 2006 - 17:57 GMT

Any male who shows such blatant disrespect for women deserves the full weight of the law coming down on him, and I applaud Ms Nguyen and the Daily News, for exposing this jerkoff in ways he never anticipated. And on the gross joke side of things, his restaurants serve nut milk? I wonder what kind of nut milk he meant. Makes me shudder to think about it. You can be sure on my next trip to NYC, I will definitely give his place a pass.

C: 20th Mar 2006 - 09:22 GMT

Feb 28, 2006:

2 years probation.

EvilGentleman: 20th Mar 2006 - 10:49 GMT

Wow, that news article has so many double-entendres and puns in it... and it even tells you where the creepy guy lives! I wonder if the National Enquirer will take the media gauntlet from here...

Traumatized: 31st Mar 2006 - 20:34 GMT

the same thing happened to me today on the 7 train going toward flushing at about 9:30 am. this bald headed middle eastern man came in and started playing with himself...being one of the two people in the train car, i was horrified when he pulled out his "member" and just went crazy.....he was sitting directly across from me, and i felt like the conductor was too far for me to retrieve....arrgh, this is horrible. someone should do something about these people.

galaxy: 1st Apr 2006 - 00:01 GMT

Ms.Nguyen i too applaud you!

As for Mr.Norway and RuneWillem: Interestingly enough at about the exact time this was taking place in NYC, a very similar story was unfolding in Oslo, Norway. It doesn't seem the police nor the people of Oslo were doing alot of the laughing you're talking about. They were just as offended as people in NYC. The guy was even expelled from Norway several times, but keeps returning. I can't imagine how people in Oslo would react if he was photographed jerking off- Actually most likely they would have reacted similarly to how most Americans reacted to these events. Somehow I doubt there'd be alot of chuckling and giggling going on.

chiamattt: 1st Apr 2006 - 00:31 GMT

"Nguyen hopes he gets prison time this go-around. "He has some serious issues that need to be addressed through therapy and counseling - not two days of community service," she said. "That's pretty much a slap on the wrist and it doesn't help deter him from doing it again." "

Yeah. Everyone knows Prison is where you get the finest therapy and counceling. Pffft, he should be in a secured hospital, not a prison. Why is it that so many people in so many countries think prison works?

annelcabrera: 12th Apr 2006 - 15:15 GMT

I'm tired of looking for information on organizations/ anyone addressing women constantly being violated while using the subway. Anyone know of anything?? This needs to stop; I don't want to have to worry about being objectified, fondled, or made to feel uncomfortable while riding the subway. We all need to stop brushing it off as just consequence of rush hour Ė packed trains. It's wrong.

Michelle: 12th Apr 2006 - 15:44 GMT

What a sick bastard. I've had some uncomfortable experiences on the subway here in Toronto. Thanks for taking this picture and taking action. I was accosted last summer by a man on the subway - he sat next to me saying really disgusting things and followed me around the car - and the worst was that there were about 12-20 people in the subway car, fully aware of what was going on and no one would step in to help me. I think that in a group setting like this people's individual sense of responsibility dissolves...

ifaey: 12th Apr 2006 - 16:00 GMT

serves him right if it WAS posted in a newspaper. you whip out your wank in public it's fair game.

Kusala: 19th Apr 2006 - 21:36 GMT

I prefer the solution from "The Tao of Mrs. Wei" (from Malaysian-American poet, Hilary Tham Goldberg):


found a seat thankfully set down her bags.
Hot bodies jostled her: schoolgirls in blue,
women shoppers, salesmen, a Buddhist monk

carrying his alms pouch. A schoolgirl
near him struggled towards the exit.
She stumbled over Mrs. Wei's bags.

Mrs. Wei helped her up. "Why are you
leaving? You just got on. Are you
feeling sick?"

Eyes wide, the girl shook her head.
"No -- he -- the Monk touched me.
I'll catch the next bus."

Mrs. Wei rose in wrath, hissed to the girl
to watch her bags and began to bellow.
"Lecher! Animal! Reptile in saffron robe!

Secret Eater of Forbidden Meat!
Molesting young girls on buses!
I'll report you to your Abbot,

you vomit on Buddha's face!"
Eyes turned. Heads turned. In silence
he took the path that opened to the exit.

"Always carry a safety-pin," Mrs. Wei said
to the schoolgirl. "When scum like that
surfaces, stab it in the ass.

That jackal is going to be
a lizard in his next life.
May Lord Buddha have mercy on his soul!"

vz: 19th Apr 2006 - 21:48 GMT

now imagine re-reading that story, except if the monk didn't actually touch the girl. distressing, huh?

why be a victim?: 20th Apr 2006 - 13:35 GMT

At the risk of offending... Why does this behavior upset people (male or female) much less traumatize them? It seems to me that these people want to upset and/or traumatize. I guess they feel powerful that way. I think people should laugh at these sad-sacks. Open ridicule seems like a more likely way to take away their pleasure and prevent it from happening in the future.

anon ( 24th Apr 2006 - 22:23 GMT

Whatís with racking this guy over the coals. All we know about him is the one thing he did that made him the biggest piece of shit on earth. I know many people with less than desirable fetishes and they function daily without public scrutiny. I also know people who treat others viciously like shit all day long, and cause way more damage than our favorite wanker. From all the bloggs and all the opportunities for victims to speak up, I canít see that this Mr Hoyt has ever touched anyone, cornered anyone, forced anyone to do anything. He has never been accused of cat calling, blurting rude comments, sexually harassing anyone or even being a womanizer. As far as I can see except for offering a free show (viewing optional) he is more well behaved than your average Joe. Men are pigs yes but shit man, leave this poor guy alone or burn us all. There are a lot of asswholes out there that should have there balls cut off for the way they treat and think about women. I mean really treat them first hand. There is of course the verbal and physical abuse ramped in our society but also relationships with little or no respect for the women. I know married women in their 50s with several children who have never had an orgasm. How much can a guy like that care about his wife's happiness. Those guys should have their picture posted on the front page of the News Paper.

anon ( 24th Apr 2006 - 22:36 GMT

You ask why people still eat at his restaurant? Maybe people still eat there because they know him and he is a good man. We only know what is in the press and that is mostly lies. I know, I work there. Perhaps he is not a monster and the restaurant has good food. If you want good organic food there are not to many choices in this city. We read or hear what someone says then jump to quick to conclusion but really know nothing for ourselves. He has friends and costumer so how bad can he really be? Maybe you should find out for your self before you burn him at the stake.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 25th Apr 2006 - 00:01 GMT

Did you not notice the photograph with his dick out on public transport? Is that cool? It is inappropriate behavior in a public place and should not be tolerated. He has no respect for the other passengers. He has no regard that someone could find it anywhere from merely unpleasant all the way to threatening. I donít care what he does or doesnít do in his restaurant, home or at a wankfest. I wouldnít eat at his restaurant because I find his behavior on the subway selfish and unsociable.

Deb: 25th Apr 2006 - 02:54 GMT

Doesn't matter that he has friends or a successful business, he did something that proves to the World just how uncivilized he is. What you see in that picture is the real Hoyt, not what he shows his friends and customers, grow up. I applaud you for thinking fast enough to take that picture and expose him for the scum he is. It's happened to me more times that I'd like to remember and how I wish I could have done what you did. I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that some people think that what he did is acceptable behavior.

Bri: 25th Apr 2006 - 23:25 GMT

Suppose it was a woman flashing/masterbating in front of a man on the subway. Would that be different? Just curious. I've been flashed by several women downtown over the years and I've really enjoyed it. On the street, in malls etc. It gave me some nice stories to tell people. I'm wondering if I'm weird.

At the same time though, I feel that this guy got what he deserved. If he's going to expose himself in public then he's obviously willing to take the risk of such a consequence. I just showed this to a co-worker of mine and he couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Hmmm...

EvilGentleman: 26th Apr 2006 - 00:54 GMT

Bri, you bring forward a very valid point that I feel needs further explanation. While at first, it would seem to be a double standard when it comes to how it is perceived whether a flasher is male or female, one must remember a few important truths. The first, and most important thing to remember is that the odds of a woman flasher suddenly becoming aggressive, raping the man, then killing him so he cannot tell the cops is virtually zero. But for women, when a man flashes them, this violent rape and murder scenario is feasible, it has happened many times. While both men and women can be sexually aggressive, men are a much greater danger to women than women are to men. Add onto this the fact that women are usually raised to be wary of strange men, and that unwanted sexual advances are considered offensive to most women, and you can understand the outrage at this jackoff's behaviour. Now when it comes to the situation you described, with women flashing you (you lucky bastard, I have had it happen too, but not as often as I would like), most men consider this to be a special treat. The reality is, women usually have control of sexual choices in our society, because we men are pigs, and therefore cannot be trusted. This is not true of most men, in fact, but there are enough of us who are selfish, creepy pigs to merit control being in the hands of the woman. If the woman wants sex, she will usually get it. If the man wants it, he had better know how to play the game. Somewhat like a handicap in golf, the weaker ones can wind up on top. This is as it should be, because if the roles were reversed, men would be raping everywhere. It is a shame in many ways that we men have to pay the price for the actions of a few of us, but we do not want all our daughters to be whores, so this is how it must be.

Chris Erb: 27th Apr 2006 - 04:16 GMT

This even made Wikipedia.

Vancouver: 29th May 2006 - 20:37 GMT

Another side to the conversation not mentioned is the gay man's point of view. I was sitting on a very crowded, stifling hot bus when the older sleazy and sweaty guy beside me starting masturbating. I was disgusted because 1. There were women all around and 2. He wasn't attractive. He didn't scare me. My sister told me if this were to ever happen to announce it very loudly and embarrass the flasher. So I said loudly, "Are you masturbating on the bus?" He freaked out and started becoming aggressive with me, but since I'm male I wasn't threatened. I told him to stop otherwise I'd tell the bus driver. Everyone was looking, and as the bus came to the next stop, he flew off the bus. Now only if it would happen to me with an attractive guy I'd like to see masturbating while looking at me in the eye. That would be hot.

Dan Hoyt: 1st Jan 2007 - 08:16 GMT

Granted the chap is a little screwy, but I think a lot worse could be taking place. I caught a couple having sex in a park one day, Should I have taken pics and posted them. I was severely traumatised. I could hardly wait to tell the tale.

Susannah: 1st Jan 2007 - 23:11 GMT

I've seen this happen more times than I can remember.. Its disgusting but it doesn't seem to bother me as much as it once did. It does seem to bother the pervert, however, when I roll my eyes or start laughing at him. I could see how if someone felt constantly preyed upon, this could be traumatic. I find the overtures and disgusting comments of the men that work at my company cafeteria alot more disturbing, to the point where I'll drive 10 minutes out of my way for a cup of coffee. Some women in the office find them harmless, other women feel the way I do. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that people have different thresholds and sensitivities and it would be nice if those boundaries could be respected. There's a reason its called public indecency and is considerred a crime.

iman: 18th Apr 2007 - 22:47 GMT

see, the norweigian guys are right. man people are too dramatic about things that happen to them. like the guy who recently shot up VT. he tried to "get back at the rich people." what a load of bullshit. he was just jealous and really couldn't handle it. he was too damn dramatic. and my point is that people got to stop being drama queens. get a laugh out of the bad things. call me cold and heartless, but i get a laugh out of even the most tragic things.

Susannah: 2nd May 2007 - 13:47 GMT

(in response to Lisa's comment) I think there is a difference between "nudity" and masturbating "at someone". I'm grateful for what Nguyen did - I think it took a lot of guts. I believe that people who can't control themselves and feel compelled to get off on this kind of thing are likely to graduate to worse behavior.

Joe Kash: 29th Nov 2007 - 19:40 GMT

ur too friendly, friendly_chic. u shoulda kicked him right in his balls as he was zipping up!! but hey, maybe you should take that as a compliment, maybe ur just so hot he couldnt resist!!

Shanta: 5th May 2009 - 01:49 GMT

I was taking the 7 train subway and one guy was feeling himself. I didn't have to opportunity to do anything because I was getting off next stop.I had no witnesses because the guy was in the corner across from me and he was covering himself with a bag so it was only visible to me. Next time will definately try getting a good pic and report it.

maskedstranger: 25th Aug 2010 - 16:25 GMT

Well isn't that the truth about what jesus said:? Those of you who have never sinned throw the first stone! Its funny cause all the people on here who have said they would do this and do that are the same people that if they saw someone getting robbed or worse on the train would turn the other way cause they are afraid to get involved cause they might get in harms way. But here we have a simple flasher not a rapist or murderer or robber a simple flasher and you all want to hurt or traumatize him for his actions. I guess all this forgiveness stuff doesn't exist!? I bet most of you are so called christians too! Thats why when real shit happens you won't even know. For example: A man standing in the middle of a crowded train gets on and has on a backpack and maybe trench coat. Nobodys paying attention cause their eyes are on the real criminal some guy touching his crotch. While everyone is looking and taking pictures of him the real criminal is free to do as he pleases. He pulls out his cell phone and hits a few buttons and boom we are all dead! We live in a world where this could be a reality. Thats why if something happens and all you have is pictures of this guy and his phone on your crotch it wont help at all. Know who your real enemy is you judgemental morons.

maskedstranger: 25th Aug 2010 - 16:28 GMT

made a few mistakes cause of typing too fast but im sure you get my point( all you have is pictures of this guy and him touching his crotch on your phone) is what I meant to type.

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