Modern Bay Window Ideas You Must Know

There are a number of factors that make bay windows versatile additions to our homes. It’s true that there are many who feel that these units are outdated and traditional, but we believe that the wide array of benefits offered by them make these windows worth considering. That’s why we are presenting to you some modern bay window ideas.

blog-bow-windowBay windows do come with a few drawbacks; for instance, they are quite expensive and it’s extremely difficult to find high quality window treatments for these windows. What’s more, the space might turn out to be a bit awkward leaving very little space (enough only to place potted plants) inside the windows and interfering with the outdoor areas.

Still, the modern-day bay windows add value to a home in a number of ways. They are:

They will increase your home’s value by adding extra square footage.

They come equipped with panoramic glass, which would allow sunlight to enter your rooms from different direction and make them look more luminous.

They would add ventilation to your rooms.

If planned well, these windows can be extremely versatile. You can use a bay window as a reading nook, daybed, bench, kitchen/dining banquette, built-in shelving, storage unit, etc.

Modern Bay Window Ideas

1. Use them to give your room a striking architectural finish

Bay windows can highlight the most fascinating architectural elements and unusual bones of any given space. So, when building a bay window for a particular room, you must always consider how this addition would enhance or affect the space. If you have any doubt, consult free online room planners for gathering information on various layout options available for these special windows. This will allow you to find the best possible layout for your room.

2. You can make them your room’s focal point

Image result for bay windowsIf rightly built and placed, a bay window is capable of drawing the eyes to its cozy, inviting nook. Most of us love to spend time in spaces that offer us cocoon-like shelter. So, to make the bay window your room’s focal point, use textural fabrics, rich colors, and lots of pillows; these elements would definitely make the place appear perfect for lounging.

3. Use them as storage space

A bay window’s negative space can be used as a hidden storage unit. These days, open shelving has become an extremely common feature, but it often ends up collecting dust and clutter. Drawers and cabinetry that comes equipped with doors, on the other hand, require significant space. The negative space of bay windows doesn’t have any of those demerits.

4. Use them to add a contemporary and minimalist vibe to your room

Ideally, the bay window design picked by you should be straightforward and simple. Clean angles and lines are much simpler to work with and significantly more contemporary compared to octagonal or rounded bay windows. In addition, hide hardware and install hidden hinges for keeping cabinetry and storage understated.

5. Accessorize them

Use inviting patterns, colors, and textures so that the room appears even more enchanting. Some accessories you can add to the bay window include:


Side table

Small trays


Plush window treatments

6. Use them for lounging

To add make the space even more comfortable and plush, buy some soft, durable fabrics, high quality foams (the best you will be able to afford) for being used as seat cushion, big and fluffy pillows, etc.

7. Allow them to showcase a beautiful view

Add the bay window at a spot featuring a gorgeous view. That will make your entire room look dramatic.